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Astell Scientific News and PR from Astell Scientific - Published 29 January 2018 ASTELL SCIENTIFIC LAUNCHES DEDICATED EFFLUENT DECONTAMINATION SYSTEMS WEBSITE
Astell Scientific, the leading UK manufacturer of laboratory autoclaves, is delighted to announce the launch of a new website and brand name covering its range of aqueous Effluent Decontamination Systems (EDS). Under the name AstellBio, the Kent based company will offer custom built sterilization systems designed to treat waste water from BSL level 3 laboratories and other specialist research and high containment facilities. Having already supplied such systems to various laboratories worldwide, the addition of the AstellBio brand will further enhance recognition of Astell Scientific as a first choice supplier of biowaste effluent decontamination systems.

The new website, astellbio.com, contains background information explaining the various EDS types, available options, and provides guidance in the form of a questionnaire potential prospects can complete online or download. There is also a downloadable product brochure and comprehensive gallery detailing many of the previous projects Astell has completed.

Astell Sales & Marketing Director, Dave Thomas, comments: “The creation of the AstellBio brand provides a platform for us to target the more specialist nature of the EDS market whilst leveraging the good work we are already known for in the world of autoclaves. I would urge anyone with a requirement for controlled wastewater sterilization to view our new website and get in touch.”

For more information on the AstellBio range of Effluent Decontamination Systems visit astellbio.com or Contact us.

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