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The Ultimate Bio Sip-Lid from Cap-it-all

Sovereign Partners Ltd News and PR from Sovereign Partners Ltd - Published 12 April 2013 The new GoodLife Bio Sip-Lid fits all 12oz and 16oz paper hot cups
Cap-It-All is launching the ultimate biodegradable and compostable sip lid for hot drinks – demonstrating once again why it is the leading supplier of lids to the catering and foodservice industry. Under the banner of the GoodLife brand with its reputation for high quality products the new lid is instantly recognisable at a glance as being environmentally friendly.

The GoodLife bio sip-lid, when teamed with a compostable cup, means that caterers and foodservice operators can now offer their customers a 100% biodegradable and compostable hot drink packaging solution. After use, the sip lid can be disposed of easily and at zero cost to the caterer in nothing more sophisticated than a compost heap.
The introduction of the GoodLife bio sip lid follows several years of research and development by Cap-It-All and its manufacturing partner, who, to protect the innovative concept, have secured European design registration for the new lid. The GoodLife bio sip-lid features a visual of GoodLife brand icon Eco the Friendly Frog and the word compostable, making it instantly recognisable as an environmentally friendly product. It is firm and comfortable to drink from and can be used safely even with the hottest drinks. Because of the flexible sturdiness of bagasse, the bio sip lid fits tightly on all 90mm diameter 12oz and 16oz paper hot cups in the UK market. Another big advantage is that the lid stays securely on the cup even if the cup is tipped over.
Price-wise, the bio sip id falls approximately midway between the usual market prices for high impact polystyrene and crystallized PLA lids and will therefore be welcomed by the trade as a realistic biodegradable alternative to plastic.
Like the rest of the GoodLife range, the bio sip lid is made from bagasse – a totally natural and sustainable material. For ten years, Cap-It-All has led the way in environmentally beneficial foodservice packaging products and was the first to introduce bagasse plates, takeaway trays and click-shut burger and dinner boxes to the UK market. As is the case with the bio sip lid, many GoodLife products have been designed and developed by Cap-It-All in response to customer requests and local preferences.
Another big advantage is that the lid stays securely on the cup even if the cup is tipped over.

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