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ManageMyIP®, Intellectual Property (IP) Management Tools

Highbury Ltd News and PR from Highbury Ltd - Published 19 January 2018 Build a solid commercial IP Strategy with MMIP®. Create, protect and drive real value from IP.
A simple, low cost IP solutions tool.

We have created a new and entirely novel online Intellectual Property (IP) software system that saves time and money for universities and SME’s. Essentially it quickly educates the user and then guides them through the commercial viability process, the IP protection process and the IP commercialisation process offering explanations and commercialisation templates. This product is UK Trademark registered as ManageMYIP® and MMIP ®. The general view from users is that this package reduces staff time in trying to assess, manage and commercialise IP and that it reduces the need to seek third party professional advice and so reduces overall IP costs.

For detailed information click the pdf below:
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The MMIP® software package was designed to save University Technology Transfer Office (TTO) time and money