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Amarinth expands its pump services

Amarinth Ltd News and PR from Amarinth Ltd - Published 11 January 2018 Amarinth expands its pump services, extending the working life of third-party industrial single stage end suction pumps.
Amarinth, a leading company specialising in the design, application and manufacture of centrifugal pumps and associated equipment to the Oil & Gas, petrochemical, chemical, industrial and power markets, has expanded its range of pump services to include the strip, report and refurbishment of industrial single stage end suction pumps, regardless of the original equipment manufacturer.

Natural wear patterns of all pumps dictate a reliable working life of some 15 to 20 years, sometimes less in harsh environments. Over the past few decades, several major pump manufacturers have ceased trading or significantly retracted from certain geographies, and so like-for-like replacement isn’t always possible leaving operators having to replace failing pumps with ones from a different manufacturer. This can entail a significant risk in matching the new pump to an existing pump’s specification (which has sometimes been lost from the company) and the possibility of extensive downtime as pipework, mountings and fittings are changed to suit the new pump.

Amarinth is being approached by an increasing number of organisations from industries as diverse as oil and gas, defence, food and drink, process plants and breweries looking for a solution to this growing problem of obsolete support and which can minimise risk, downtime and disruption. Amarinth has already developed a significant expertise and a growing business in manufacturing spares and re-engineering components for Girdlestone pumps, which ceased trading some 16 years ago, and can already provide plug-and-play new pumps to replace many of the Girdlestone range. However, Amarinth has listened carefully to those customers who want to keep their existing pumps and fully refurbish them to extend their service life and has launched this new strip, report and refurbishment service to meet their needs.

This service, which can be used for refurbishing most API 610 and ISO 5199 pumps, is delivered by trusted and reliable experts who offer best advice for the most cost-effective solution considering the specific needs of each customer. This starts with a detailed mechanical and hydraulic assessment to evaluate the viability of servicing a pump or determine if it would be more cost-effective to replace it. The assessment looks at the condition, working life and maintenance regime of the pump and the duties and requirements, such as the flow, head, power, NPSH and materials, in addition to the physical pipework, fittings and baseplates that may need alteration. By offering both the option of replacing the pump, sometimes with a plug-and-play solution, or refurbishing the pump with new, often improved components, Amarinth is ideally placed to offer the customer best advice.
The assessment looks at the condition, working life and maintenance regime of the pump

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