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Cantilever Fever

Canal Engineering Ltd News and PR from Canal Engineering Ltd - Published 27 March 2013 The CANAL team fabricate and install a cantilever floating staircase into a residential home with low iron glass balustrade and stainless steel features.
Recently, CANAL Architectural has completed the fabrication and installation of another stunning, contemporary, cantilever staircase in a remote residential property, situated in the heart of rural Hampshire.

The secret of the success of this floating staircase is in the hidden metalwork in the wall. The first fix involved mechanically fixing a structural steel stringer to the wall with protruding, welded cantilever steel channels. This stringer was then completely hidden by the wall finish before beautifully formed, solid timber, box stair treads were sleeved over the protruding channels.

To become the prominent feature staircase the owner of the property desired, a single piece of low iron glass was fitted to the edge of the timber box treads with satin polished, stainless steel fixings to create the perception of floating. The glass balustrade continued onto the landing, being side-fixed to the first floor. The balustrade was then finished with a satin polished, stainless steel handrail to match the fixings. Finally, subtle wall lighting was installed to enhance the timber treads, lighting the way to the first floor.

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The secret success of this floating staircase is in the hidden metalwork

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