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Cranage - Authorised Test Lab for US and Canada

Cranage EMC & Safety (Testing UK) News and PR from Cranage EMC & Safety (Testing UK) - Published 04 October 2017 Product Approvals team-up with QPS Inc
Safety regulations in North America and Canada make it mandatory for electrical and electronic products to be certified by a nationally accredited Certification Body (CB) - in Canada - and a Nationally Recognised Testing Laboratory (NRTL) - in the USA.

In the past, the choice of certification bodies was limited to CSA in Canada and UL in the US. Today, the law in both countries allows manufacturers to choose from a number of alternative certification marks of nationally accredited organisations that are equally recognised by the regulatory Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).

Cranage has been qualified as an Authorized Testing Facility (ATF) by QPS Evaluation Services Inc.
This allows us to facilitate product approval marks and recognized certification for accessing the US and Canadian markets.
About QPS
Founded in 1995, QPS Evaluation Services Inc. is an independent third-party testing, certification and field evaluation body headquartered in Toronto, Canada. In addition, QPS has an office and testing facility in the USA (Cleveland, OH), and engineering offices in all major centres in Canada and the USA. They are a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory under 29 CFR 1910.7 recognized by OSHA and accredited by SCC and internationally in the IECEE/CB Scheme and the IECEx Scheme.

Please contact Cranage for more information about the certification options we can provide through the Partners Network of QPS.
About Cranage
Founded in 1993, Cranage is a UKAS accredited testing laboratory (No.1833) and a European Notified Body (NB 2583) headquartered in Market Drayton, United Kingdom, with product assessment facilities in Wales and SW England. In addition, Cranage has an office in Spain providing EMC consultancy in the European Union. They employ exceptional people with experience and enthusiasm for testing electrical and electronic products.
Cranage offers a variety of product assessment options to meet specific project requirements including lab testing, testing on manufacturers’ premises, witness testing and testing done by the manufacturer under supervision.
Please contact Cranage for more information about our services or to receive a quotation.
Certification for the Canadian Market
Electrical and electronic products sold in Canada are required by law to be approved.
In accordance with the Canadian electrical safety regulations issued by SCC, a product is considered to be "approved" if:-
• It is certified by an SCC accredited certification body to the applicable Canadian requirements, and displays the certification mark of this body, with the letter "C" shown in the 8 o'clock position adjacent to the mark, or;

• It is labelled under a field evaluation program by an SCC accredited inspection body.

In addition to safety regulations, a wide variety of electrical/electronic products are also required under federal regulations to be certified for energy efficiency by a certification body accredited by the SCC specifically for energy
Cranage has been Qualified to facilitate product approvals for US and Canada

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