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The Sky won't Fall on Adele...

S Jones Containers Ltd News and PR from S Jones Containers Ltd - Published 10 July 2017 “Rumour Has It” a couple of S Jones Containers’ latest container conversions are globe-trotting around the world with singing sensation Adele!
Two modified 20ft shipping containers have been painted black and fitted out internally to securely house expensive and essential equipment for AdeleÂ’s 2017 tour.

The tour started in Australia where the containers were suspended within the massive central lighting rig, approximately 80 feet (24m) above AdeleÂ’s head!

Adele is now at Wembley. Her concerts are setting a new capacity record for the stadium. The extra space has been gained through innovative set design by our customer Star Events Ltd.

By enclosing key lighting, sound and video equipment inside modular containers, the tour technicians are able to deploy a complex engineering solution with relative ease and safety at each venue and then get the units back on the road with minimal fuss and disruption. Roger Barrett, Special Projects Director at Star Events Ltd, who built the custom stages for the Adele tour said, “We have two days at each venue to construct and set up the whole rig and equipment and then take it all down again within 24 hours after each show. Being able to lift the fully loaded containers straight off the back of trucks into the stage roof was the key to making it all work to schedule.” An awesome feat in itself!

We are feeling quite star stuck here at S Jones!

Another example of how our conversions are only limited by your imagination!
We are feeling quite star stuck here at S Jones!

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