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Increased Efficiency with the Chick One-Lok

1st Machine Tool Accessories Ltd News and PR from 1st Machine Tool Accessories Ltd - Published 07 June 2017 The Chick One-Lok for CNC machine tools represents an evolution in workholding technology in terms of speed, productivity, flexibility, and accuracy.
It has been proven time and again to improve efficiency in machining, and what follows are a few of the many success stories the Chick One-Lok has produced.
Productivity Raised By Fast-Acting Workholding

Malvern subcontractor, Insight Precision, has cut floor-to-floor times and increased production output using the One-Lok clamping system manufactured by Chick Workholding in the USA.
Founder and owner Chris Poole explained: "The One-Lok is a fast-acting alternative to a conventional vice and saves a lot of time. Instead of having to wind the handle sometimes dozens of times to clamp a component, the Chick system is adjusted in seconds using a QwikSlide mechanism."

"It allows the moveable jaw to be unlocked and slid rapidly to approximately the right position, near the workpiece, after which just a few turns of the handle are enough to secure the part."

Modern Vices Raise Subcontractor's Productivity

Loughborough-based Dorman Engineering raised the productivity of their machining processess thanks to the introduction of the One-Lok.

While looking to replace two old-style vices, owner Roland Dorman reviewed the market to identify optimal replacements with four features on the list of essentials: fast action, rigidity, accuracy, and secure pull-down as the vice closes. He said:

"The Chick One-Loks provided all these assets at the lowest price, so were the best value of all the options I looked at. They are resistant to vibration under machining loads, resulting in accurate components, increased output and extended tool life as well as less scrap and rework."

"The Chick One-Loks from 1st MTA are ideal accessories for a machining centre. They provide peace of mind that the workpiece is secure, whilst increasing the accuracy and repeatability of machine parts as well as boosting productivity."
Major Benefits From Better Workholding

Manchester-based Tranquil PC designs and produces low-energy information technology systems. The company secures its computer housings for machining in Chick equipment, benefitting considerably compared with when parts were clamped in conventional wind-up vices.

One of the milling machines in their factory is fitted with two One-Lok quick-acting clamps. The One-Loks can be used seperately on the machine table or in tandem to hold a large aluminium billet.
The workholding units are of sealed design that discourages ingress of swarf, which can result in components not sitting properly in the jaws. With tolerances down to 0.1mm, accurate and repeatable clamping is highly beneficial.

The machining centre produces up to 15kg of aluminium chips per hour, requiring the use of programmable, high pressure coolant nozzles for effective swarf removal. It is therefore not difficult to see how problematic swarf entrapment in the clamps would otherwise be at the factory.

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