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Print comes to Ambro

Ambroplastics Ltd News and PR from Ambroplastics Ltd - Published 22 May 2017 We are now screen printing in house with a new department lead by an experienced printer.
(29th March 2017)

Screen Print at Ambro
Ink options:
Standard satin finish solvent inks
UV gloss finish inks
Metallic finish inks
Fluorescent inks
2 Pack inks (Gloss & Satin) for printing onto metal substrates, tins.

Promolyte & Metals

Ambro offer screen printing alongside litho, digital, foil blocking, embossing, dye sublimation, laser marking and photo etching.

We recently had the opportunity to strengthen our customer offer by bringing screen printing in house along with appointing Matt, an experienced screen printer, to run the department.

I asked Matt to sum up what the new investment will mean to our customers:
The overriding benefit of bringing the print in house is an increase in control. This will impact several key areas of our business that are integral to improving our customer offer:

Control over Scheduling
We can schedule even more accurately with real time production estimates, reacting quicker to short lead times and assign priority with ease. As a customer it is our hope you can enjoy improved lead times for screen printed orders in the coming months.

Control over Quality
Whilst we rarely have issues with quality when it comes to print, that doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities for improvement. We specify the highest quality screen mesh, stencil, film and inks to produce your artwork. If any issues do arise with artwork, material, print colour or quality we are now able to put them right much quicker without relying on a print partner to escalate the issue to us. This will lessen the impact of such occurrences on lead times and internal scheduling. As an Ambro customer you can expect to see the same high quality you are used to and will benefit from further increases in quality control going forward.

Control over R & D
With new equipment and knowledge brought in house we have further opportunities to expand on the services we offer. This might be experimenting with new inks and substrates or streamlining processes and shaving precious seconds off the print run. As a customer you could enjoy expanded services for an even more bespoke offering and reduced lead times.

We are just at the start of this journey and we look forward to where it takes us, if you have any queries relating to substrates, ink types or any other print related questions we will be happy to answer them at: [email protected]
The overriding benefit of bringing the print in house is an increase in control.

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