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Process Pigging Specialist HPS Releases New Software

HPS Product Recovery Solutions News and PR from HPS Product Recovery Solutions - Published 27 April 2017 Process pigging specialist HPS Product Recovery Solutions has released new software to help its customers streamline system maintenance, and keep their pigging solutions running at optimum performance
HPS’s new Pig Usage Software, which the company includes free of charge with new automatic pigging solutions, informs operators and maintenance staff when a system pig is coming towards the end of its working life. This helps prevent unnecessary downtime, makes maintenance easier, reduces risks of using worn or damaged pigs, and above all helps ensure the pigging system keeps working at its very best.

HPS process pigs are extremely robust, and the company guarantees them for 30 000 metres or 18 miles of use. This is a distance that’s unmatched in the process pigging industry. At the same time, the performance of HPS pigs is also high. They typically recover up to 99.5% of residual product in process system pipelines which would otherwise go to waste.

No matter how robust process pigs are, they still need replacing at regular intervals. And it’s important to replace them before they pass their recommended usage limits.

The new Pig Usage Software provides a clear indication of when a pig needs inspecting or changing. Because the software notifies the operator or maintenance team of this well in advance, they can schedule in appropriate time to check or change the pig. This lowers the risk of using a worn or damaged pig, improves maintenance scheduling, and helps ensure systems continue to run at their most efficient.

Gilbert Murphy, CEO of HPS commented,
“As the market leader in process pigging, HPS is constantly innovating. We believe this is the first time a pigging provider has offered something like this. We’re supplying the new software free of charge because it delivers real value to our customers and helps them achieve the high levels of efficiency that modern processing plants demand”.

As well as including the software as part of new automatic pigging solutions, HPS can also retro fit it or supply it as an add-on to many existing installations.

The Pig Usage Software is one of many new innovations in HPS’s development plans. Gilbert continued,

“We have some exciting new developments taking place in our pigging technology and liquid transfer solutions. We will be rolling many of them out in the coming months and are really looking forward to presenting them to our clients”.
As the market leader in process pigging, HPS is constantly innovating

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