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Packaging Spotlight: Premium Pet Brands

Tinplate Products LTD News and PR from Tinplate Products LTD - Published 28 April 2017 Businesses are capitalising on Britain’s love for pets – a love that compels consumers to spend over Ł4.6bn on pet products annually. High end markets are emerging & packaging is increasing important.
Catering to the pet food market with the right packaging
In a recent industry round-up commentator Stefan Hartung perfectly summed up the pet food industry’s packaging needs: “Old norms are getting thrown out of the window and break-through packaging stories are being told.”

The pet food industry is booming, and with it so is its packaging. Product packaging is keeping up with the ever-growing pet product catalogue and as pet sales are shifting online; brands want packaging that creates a connection when opened at home, as well as packaging that has high retail shelf-impact.

The humanisation of pets has led to the emergence of distinct consumer groups within the pet industry – from owners who humanise their pets, to those who resist humanisation. It’s important that any packaging you put out speaks directly to the right target market, using appropriate messaging. Pet brands can differentiate by appealing to different niche markets like the urban dog lover, or the pedigree dog owner with classic tastes.

Tin packaging is a great option for pet brands because of its premium, luxury connotations. At the same time, itÂ’s also versatile and portable and helps keep treats fresh for a long time. Tins can be easily customised and personalised to suit any specific breed, and you can launch different product lines with matching packaging.

The rise of the pet brand independents
Though big grocers still dominate the pet care market, there is an increased consumer-led desire for local brands and independents. Smaller brands can invest in a totally different type of product marketing, working closely with retailers and early adopters to spread product knowledge via word of mouth.

Part of that conversation is packaging – packaging that stands out amongst the more established brands by being unique. Clever branding can take a small dog or cat treat manufacturer right to the top when it comes to consumer choice, as long as you focus on developing a coherent brand story and strategy.

Small tins like the one we created for ‘The Dog House Random Rewards’ product are perfect for taking on walks, or keeping close by in the home or office. The tins’ premium colours and muted branding are a perfect example of how animal themed packaging can be subtle and aesthetically pleasing, as well as practical!

Ethical and health-driven consumer choices
Sustainability, provenance and pet health benefits are important to consumers. The pet food industry is driven by a desire to make ethical choices, as well as a growing awareness of pet health. The development of pet probiotics and supplements means that owners can choose treats that put pet health first.

Consumers want to be reassured on product quality – quality is something that can be effectively communicated in packaging. Packaging for pet food needs to take into account hygiene, longevity, portion control, and practicality; as well as aesthetics.

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With so much potential market share at stake, pet brands and pet food producers need to stand out with their packaging.

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