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CASE STUDY - Height Adjustable Packing Machine

MK Profile Systems Ltd News and PR from MK Profile Systems Ltd - Published 22 February 2017 German company Steffes Pruf- und Messtechnik wanted to develop an innovative packaging system to expand its automation division and looked to the mk Technology Group to provide the solution.
Due to space limitations the customer required a height adjustable and compact system. For several decades Steffes have used the mk aluminium profile system as the basis for all of their machines. Experience has shown them the benefit of using the components and modules of this modular system as they can easily and quickly be changed or adjusted at a later date.

mk were able to provide a design that met the requirements both flexibly and economically. The S-PACK-PAL-T is a fully automatic machine for packaging various empty containers (eg bottles, cans, canisters) in cardboard trays and subsequent palletizing of the trays on a pallet. In addition to being robust, safe and easy to use the machine needed to have a packing height of 3m. A compact, box-shaped frame was necessary so that it can be transported easily on a lorry or a maritime container.

The required height of 3 meters turned out to be a major obstacle as the ceiling height on the assembly area at Steffes did not facilitate the option to build such a tall machine! The answer was to build a telescopic frame which could be extended by a further 1.5 meters.

It was not only the telescopic frame of the system, but also components such as conveyors, frames and guarding, doors, windows and the gripper for the cardboard trays which were built from the mk system.

After the concept of the packaging system was fully developed, the first prototype was put into service by the client in a semi-automatic version. This was considered a huge success and a little later two more machines followed as a fully automatic version.
Due to space limitations the customer required a height adjustable and compact system

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