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Wilson Access Truck Mount Faces Water Challenge At Northampton Rugby Club

Wilson Access Hire News and PR from Wilson Access Hire - Published 21 February 2017 A Wilson Access truck mount and its operator faced a water challenge when working on Northampton Saints Rugby Club’s South Stand.
Whittle Programmed Maintenance had hired a 57m Palfinger P570 for a three week contract to clean cladding and structural supports at the South Stand.
However, access to the steel supports proved to be particularly challenging because they were above a lake! ThatÂ’s when the exceptional 41m horizontal outreach of the Palfinger P570 really came into its own.

Wilson Access truck mount operator Terry Mason said: “To get the platform into position required some particularly tricky manoeuvres and at times the base of the basket was only a couple of inches above the surface of the lake. However, slowly but surely I was able to get the platform into situ so the contractors could carry out their work.”

Whittle Programmed Maintenance Operations Manager Andrew Simpson said: “We have used the Wilson Access Palfinger in the past and knew from the outset that we would need a truck mount of this type to gain access across the lake but we were still surprised about just how far it was able to reach.”

The Palfinger P570 also features PalfingerÂ’s new x-jib that enables the platform to go up and over buildings so that an operator can work on a rear fascia of a building whilst the vehicle is parked at the front.

The Palfinger P570 has an exceptional 41m horizontal outreach!

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