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Reliability Solutions and PETRO1 Malaysia – The latest connection

Reliability Solutions News and PR from Reliability Solutions - Published 12 January 2017 Reliability Solutions continues to link up with recognised Quality / Reliability Consultants worldwide to provide the full range of Consultancy Services to a wider range of companies. The latest announcement is the linking of Reliability Solutions with PETRO1 of Malaysia .
PETRO1 is an established consulting company in Kuala Lumpur which has focused mostly on Oil Industry Reliability Asset mgmt. and has now branched out into Electronics with recent increase in manufacturing interest within Malaysia, especially with Solar Power Technology. To this end, Reliability Solutions will now provide their unique Training programme and Reliability Improvement Consultancy in Asia via PETRO1
Reliability Solutions runs training programmes worldwide, typical feedback examples;
‘Great interactive speaker’ Ahmed Osman , ResMed Sensor Tech
‘He is a great speaker, lecturer and teacher!’ Charlene Tabibian, Medtronic
‘Very good! Definitely learn new things’ BOSE System Malaysia Sdn Bhd
‘Very knowledgeable & expert in related field’ SANMINA Sysytem Sdn Bhd
‘Excellent’ Sandisk Storage (M) Sdn Bhd

Reliability Solutions and PETRO1 ran their first Reliability Seminar in Kuala Lumpur in August 2016, with a wide range of electronic and electronic related companies attending.
The 2017 PETRO1 / Reliability Solutions Training Plan is defined below;

Training Date Venue
1 Managing & Improving Reliability Within Electronics Product Design 30th - 31st March 2017 Taipei, Taiwan
2 Managing & Improving Reliability Within Electronics Product Design 3rd – 4th April 2017 Penang, Malaysia
3 Managing & Improving Reliability Within Electronics Product Design June 2017 Manila, Philippines
4 Managing & Improving Reliability Within Electronics Product Design June 2017 Singapore
5 Managing & Improving Reliability Within Electronics Product Design August 2017 Shenzen, China
6 Reliability for semi-conductor August 2017 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The range of services being provided via PETRO1 in Asia include;

Reviewing Reliability programmes of clients and advising how to make most efficient Defect Detection Reliability Test Plans at lowest possible cost
Reviewing client manufacturing processes to assess their ability to detect and manage process reliability defects which escape to the field and fail in Early Life stage of the products lifetime
Develop World Class reliability Improvement programmes focussing on all necessary areas;
- Design Quality
- Design for Manufacture
- Early Life Reliability
- Process defect performance
- Accelerated Life Testing
- New Product Introduction control

Set up efficient Process / Quality / Reliability Reporting methodology for Senior Management use to drive the improvement actions in correct areas that will drive improvement / cost reduction
Develop Sub-Assembly and Full Assembly Early Life Reliability Test programmes for immediate Field Failure Reduction and Cost Saving
Develop unique Accelerated Life Testing for any Electronic or Electro-Mechanical Product
Develop the ‘Reliability Solutions’ model for predicting early Life Field Failure Rates using process yield data
Define and Develop a Unique Design Maturity Measurement approach for each client to measure progress and growth of Design Quality / Reliability through the Design Cycle
Teach efficient DFMEA methodology tailored to each clientÂ’s product type and culture which will have direct link and effect on Reliability Improvement
Provide dedicated Reliability Training, can be tailored to each clientÂ’s needs
Setting up Internal client Reliability Assessment scoring using the ‘Reliability Solutions’ model
Perform overall Client GAP Analysis to identify ALL weak areas which require improvement to reach World Class Reliability Levels, includes focus on;
- Process measurement / performance
- Reliability test upgrades for Early Life and Long Life
- Use of FMEA, Design and Process
- Supplier component Quality improvement
- Design Quality Testing improvements and setting up Design Maturity Scoring / Measurement
- Executive Reporting methodology to ensure focus only on keyt areas that will directly drive Quality / Reliability Improvement
- Upgrading New product Introduction (NPI) Assessment and Scoring methods to provide overall NPI score that will relate directly to ability to provide World Class Relia
He is a great speaker, lecturer and teacher

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