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Intemp™ Loggers for Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Monitoring

Tempcon Instrumentation Ltd News and PR from Tempcon Instrumentation Ltd - Published 10 January 2017 Onset’s InTemp CX400 series logger is the first pharmaceutical cold chain monitoring solution combining Bluetooth Low Energy, robust alarm functionality, and automated report generation.
Shifting the temperature just a few degrees higher or lower can render a vaccine ineffective. This potentially leads to millions in lost revenue—and worse, a loss of trust among consumers as word spreads about the need to re-vaccinate. Onset, a world leader in data loggers, addresses this challenge with the debut of the InTemp CX400 Series pharmaceutical cold chain management (CCM) products.

The InTemp CX400 Series is the first pharmaceutical cold chain monitoring solution that combines Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), robust alarm functionality, and automated report generation into one small, easy-to-use logger. The series includes a range of high-performance data loggers for monitoring temperatures in refrigerators, freezers, and other temperature-controlled environments. These loggers can then transmit data and alarm states via Bluetooth to any mobile device running the InTemp app. In this way, the CX400 Series provides an affordable and highly accessible alternative to manually driven monitoring solutions that are susceptible to error and have contributed to vaccine failures around the globe.

Building on OnsetÂ’s 35-year leadership in temperature data logging technology, the InTemp CX400 Series enables clinics, pharmacies, hospitals and pharmaceutical firms to follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendation on using digital data loggers for continuous temperature monitoring. Additionally, it meets CDC requirements for calibrated temperature monitoring with devices backed by a Certificate of Calibration Testing.

“The CDC estimates that 13.5 percent of all refrigerated vaccines are subject to accidental freezing during storage. Many organizations have had to rely on manual temperature monitoring solutions that are susceptible to human error and can jeopardize their vaccine supply and patient safety,” said Jessica Frackelton, senior manager of product marketing for Onset. “Today, with our new InTemp CX400 Series, we are making temperature monitoring more accurate, reliable, and accessible. Already, customers in early testing are telling us that the CX400 Series provides a new level of ease of use, cost effectiveness, and comprehensive functionality that have been lacking in refrigeration and freezer monitoring products to date.”

Frackelton added, “We are excited about the benefits that BLE technology can bring to this application and see relevance throughout the pharmaceutical cold chain. The idea that customers can gain significant operational benefits while at the same time increasing the quality of life science products dispensed is compelling in transportation, storage, and clinical applications as well.”

CX400 Series loggers are complemented by OnsetÂ’s free InTemp mobile app. The InTemp app enables easy and efficient logger setup.
Designed to simplify compliance with CDC vaccine monitoring guidelines, CX400 loggers dramatically streamline the process.

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