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Containers for Biomass Boilers

Containers Direct News and PR from Containers Direct - Published 02 December 2016 Looking for a competitively priced, professional service that offers a variety of applications to the biomass industry? Containers Direct specialises in shipping container conversions, providing both portable biomass fuel stores, and complete, self contained units for biomass boiler installations
Our extensive knowledge and experience of converting containers, enables us to transform your plans into a self-sufficient, and cost effective biomass housing system that is tailored to your specific requirements. After an initial, no obligation, client consultation our team draw up detailed CAD drawings to create a solution for your needs, and provide a quote for your approval before we build your specification. We can incorporate a fuel storage area into the design, if required.

Our shipping container boiler housing units can be made to any length between 8ft and 40ft, and come with a standard width of 8ft, as well as a standard height of 8ft 6in. However, many of our clients opt for a "high cube" container, which is an extra foot taller, and lends itself particularly well to biomass conversions. We can also provide containers with a sliding roof and angled pellet trough feed, which used as a wood pellet store, allows for delivery by tipper truck.

Other features can include:

Ply lined insulation
Anti-slip Durbar floor plate
Personnel door
Access hatch
Internal partition
Viewing panel
Specialising in biomass solutions

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