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Resin Bound Surfacing Blog

CES Hire Ltd News and PR from CES Hire Ltd - Published 19 September 2016 In the ‘dryer’ summer months Resin Bound surfaces become a very popular choice with homeowners and trades people.
From Specialist paving companies to Landscape gardeners and even the odd handy man looking to give it a go. We have been hiring and selling Forced Action Mixers for over 30 years. So we thought we would write a little piece on Resin Bound flooring systems and why using a Forced Action Mixer is essential to use instead of the standard mortar mixerÂ…

What is Resin Bound?

Resin Bound Surfacing is a highly permeable system created using a mix of gravel/aggregate (100kg) and a two part resin (7.5kg) which is supplied in buckets. The two resin components are mixed together using a drill and paddle. The aggregates are added to the forced action mixer, followed by the full contents of the already mixed resin. A small bag of sand is then added which adds slip resistance to the surface. By mixing these parts together for a few minutes you can create a great looking, smooth, permeable surface of natural stones in a range of different colours. As Resin Bound Surfacing complies with SuDS Regulations (Sustainable Drainage Systems) planning permission is not required.

Areas of Application

Resin Bound Floor systems can be overlaid on existing and new concrete or tarmac. It is used to create great looking driveways, garden paths, car parks and other light traffic areas. Using Resin Bound provides a stunning finish that is second to none, with very little maintenance required.

The Mixer

When mixing resin bound it is crucial to look for a Forced Action Mixer, this is to ensure the resin is correctly and evenly mixed. Failing to use a forced action mixer can result in faults in the flooring and manufacturers warranties become void. Here at CES Hire when we receive an enquiry from someone looking for a Forced Action Mixer to mix resin bound material we recommend the Baron E120. This mixer is ideal as it has a mixing capacity of 120 litres, which is perfect for the resin bound 100kg aggregate mix. Another advantage of this mixer is that itÂ’s easily transported to and around site. With dimensions ofÂ…

Height: 116cm
Width: 64cm
And only weighing 90kg this mixer is really easy to move about on site.

The Baron E120 will fit through standard UK doorways and in the back of most small vans.
When mixing resin bound it is crucial to look for a Forced Action Mixer

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