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Benefits of circuit board recycling

AWA Refiners Ltd News and PR from AWA Refiners Ltd - Published 18 July 2016 Efficient circuit board recycling is becoming more necessary with the increasing quantities of electronic equipment being used in society.
As our planet increases it uses in electronic technology every year, this signifies more electronic waste and increasing levels of scrap circuit boards.

The benefits of recycling your circuit boards with AWA Refiners are as follows:
100% recovery service of all materials – complete recycling service.
Full destruction with certificates provided.
0% of waste to landfill.
Precious metals are recovered from the circuit boards = financial returns for the client.

Ensuring the environment is protected is a key concern for businesses. Therefore a 100% recycling service is a huge benefit when deciding to recycle.

All material which goes through the production line at AWA Refiners is recycled to 100% standard, full destruction is offered on all material and certificates of destruction are provided (where necessary).

Circuit boards contain an array of precious and high value metals (Gold, silver, palladium & copper). These metals are refined from the circuit boards and recovered; hence not only a full recovery service but also a financial return to each and every one of our clients.
100% recovery service of all materials

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