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Second Hand ISO Tanks

Qualitank Services Ltd News and PR from Qualitank Services Ltd - Published 21 June 2016 Qualitank is the environmentally friendly way to ship produce around the world and store your oils, gases and water on site where ever you are so that it is on hand when you need it.
We supply second hand tank containers to over 30 countries all around the world and we provide 500 units per year.

All of the tank containers we provide are reconditioned units which we have rescued from the scrap yard and have repaired and restored to their original glory. One of the main reasons these tanks have been decommissioned in the first place is because the industry started using larger storage capacities so the 20,000 litre units were dwarfed by the new mega containers. But Qualitank understood that there were many other areas of industry and other organisations that required the 20,000 and under models from oil rigs to independent farms and refugee camps.

We offer a quality control guarantee with all of the units we sell or you hire and all repairs are carried out by our own team in our well equipped facility in the UK. Click for our product list, we carry 100 units constantly at out UK site.
We offer a quality control guarantee with all of the units