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Does the PMO Need a Tool?

LogicTicks News and PR from LogicTicks - Published 10 June 2016 If your PMO does not currently have a PPM tool, it should, at least, be using some tools and techniques to provide services and information to your stakeholders. Put simply, you need to use the best
There might be a wealth of reasons why you do not use a formal/commercial PPM tool; it is likely these reasons will all be based on a selection of the following:
• Your Portfolio of project seems too small to benefit from a PPM tool
• Your project management function is not mature enough to consider having a PPM tool
• The expense of a PPM tool cannot be justified in the current budget
• The Project delivery staff do not see the benefit and will not engage in using a PPM tool
• You have used a tool but implementation was not successful and it has fallen into dis-repair and dis-use
• Your organisation feel their change process is unique and no PPM tool will fit.

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