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Qualitetch acquires AS9100C aerospace accreditation

Qualitetch Components Ltd News and PR from Qualitetch Components Ltd - Published 08 June 2016 Qualitetch are very pleased to announce that following months of hard work and audits, our team have now achieved the prestigious AS9100C aerospace accreditation with NQA.
Qualitetch now becomes the first privately owned photo etching facility in the UK to be awarded this highly demanding standard. AS9100C is a single common quality management standard for the aviation, space and defence industries, and used and supported by the world’s leading aerospace companies throughout their supply chains.

Managing Director, Alexander Craig, said “it was a very proud day for Qualitetch, and we look forward to assisting and supporting both new and existing customer supply chains, and look forward to the new opportunities it may bring within these exciting sectors”.
“A lot of hard work has been achieved by our team in developing new internal structures to achieve this high standard, and this was the next natural step in our development of world class manufacturing status”. “We have recognised for some time that customer’s expectations for the highest quality manufacturing techniques also require the highest level of quality management systems that work hand in hand with our processes”.

“This new accreditation will be another tool to help push forward our business globally for the benefit of customers, whilst offering a total metal component solution and world class customer service”.

Current capability list:
Photo Etching, Metal Forming, EDM Wire Erosion, Metal Stamping, CNC Laser Cutting, CNC Machining, Presswork, Assembly work, Soldering, Welding, Spot-welding, Plating and finishing, Tool-making & Spark drilling.

Onsite held stock materials include: 0.0127mm to 1.60mm thick metals including:
Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Brass, Copper, Spring Steel, Aluminium, Nickel Silver, Phosphor Bronze, Beryllium Copper, Silver, Molybdenum & Nickel as well as many other exotic Alloys.

Also please don’t forget that we are currently offering FREE photo-tooling for all new and existing parts!!
This new accreditation will be another tool to help push forward our business globally for the benefit of customers

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