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Protective Safety Clothing

Smart Trade Shop Ltd News and PR from Smart Trade Shop Ltd - Published 04 May 2016 Protective Safety Clothing is designed to protect you in a workplace environment in or outdoors. These come in many formats.
Flame Resistant

Flame protection is important for workers who are in close proximity to flammable materials, fuels, and furnaces, among other fire-risk areas. These garments are usually made for materials which are either made flame resistant or treated with a flame resistant chemical.

Work Trousers

Protective Trousers are designed to protect the users from the day to day elements that they may be working in. Although, it is important to make sure work trousers are sturdy and suitable for the job in hand, they must also be flexible and comfortable enough for the user. Clothes which make the wearer too hot, or which prevent movement easily, can become more of a problem than a safety solution.

Hi Vis Clothing

When working in a hazardous area where vehicles and heavy machinery are being operated, wearing high visibility clothing makes them stand out as clearly as possible to help prevent accidents & collision. Hi Vis clothing are made from bright fluorescent colour (usually yellow or orange) with reflective stripes. In many occupations such as construction it is a legal requirement to wear this type of clothing for both public and personal safety.

Cold Weather - Water Resistant

Weather and cold protection is important for outdoor workers, especially workers, working in cold storage or freezer rooms. Garments should be fully waterproof, durable, breathable for comfort, and wind resistant. Many jackets come with an inside fleece for insulation. Interactive clothing enables compatibility between outer and inner layers such as fleeces and soft-shell's integrating with outer shell garments. 3-in-1 garments offer multi layered protection against foul weather across all four seasons. Rainwear that forms a resistance to wind and water in very challenging weather conditions are normally either PVC or Polyurethane coated and offer excellent durability in the most difficult of working conditions.


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Protective Safety Clothing

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