Curtiss Wright Industrial Group News and PR from Curtiss Wright Industrial Group - Published 17 March 2016 Curtiss-Wright’s Industrial division announced that it will attend the 32nd International Seating Symposium at The Westin Bayshore, Vancouver from 1st
The company will be promoting medical mobility solutions from its brand family of PG Drives Technology, including latest Bluetooth and Joystick Modules for its popular R-net wheelchair control system.

The Bluetooth Module for iDevices expands the functionality of the companyÂ’s R-net multi-module control system for rehab-type powerchairs and enables wheelchair users to control their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch using any of PG Drives TechnologyÂ’s R-net Input Devices.

The new module has been designed to work with all existing R-net modules without the need for firmware upgrades and can be operated by any R-net input device including hand-, finger- and chin-operated joystick modules and the Omni specialty control interface. It can also be fitted in conjunction with existing R-net Bluetooth modules to allow one system to control iDevices and Android-based smart devices and Windows PCs.

Curtiss-Wright’s Industrial division will also be showcasing the CJSM2 Joystick Module, a next-generation product that sets new standards in user interfaces by incorporating a 3.5”, high-resolution LCD screen that mirrors the operating conditions of a wheelchair; and features a built-in light sensor to automatically adjust the screen brightness to ambient light conditions.

Housed in a robust metal case for increased protection from impacts, this latest joystick module features easy-to-operate paddle switches for on/off, profile, mode and speed adjustment selections, eliminating the need for variants using toggle switches and potentiometers. The CJSM2 module also increases the programmability of user controls, including momentary or continuous operation of speed adjustments and horn volume. Using R-netÂ’s unique Connect-and-Go capabilities also means the CJSM2 can seamlessly replace existing joystick modules with no system reconfiguration programming required.

Curtiss-WrightÂ’s Industrial division has been designing, manufacturing and marketing sophisticated mobility control systems since 1976 and is one of the leading suppliers of these products.
Curtiss-WrightÂ’s Industrial division announced that it will attend the 32nd International Seating Symposium

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