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Meeting SME marketing objectives the inbound marketing way

CreatedRed Media News and PR from CreatedRed Media - Published 22 December 2015 We talk to a lot of companies about a lot of business activities, but mainly - perhaps unsurprisingly for an inbound marketing agency - about their marketing activities and marketing objectives.
And their stories / problems might sound quite familiar to you:

We've tried some SEO but don't seem to be getting many conversions on our website...
We get a lot of website traffic, but we just struggle with generating a steady flow of leads...
Our company Twitter account has some followers, but we're not sure how to make the most of them...
Do any of these situations ring a bell? Don't worry if they do, it's quite common for B2B companies to try out a few digital marketing approaches with varying success, leading to frustration.

Let's see if we can change the way you approach your marketing in 2016 and get your lead pipeline filled!

The digital marketing landscape today

We find a lot of companies are masters in what they do, but when it comes to the confusing landscape of modern digital marketing they're confused and frustrated. And why wouldn't they be? There is a lot of contradictory information floating about the Internet on which approach is best, what you should be doing, not doing, what sort of midnight rituals you need to do to climb those Google rankings, and so on...

The reality is that modern digital marketing is like a large jigsaw puzzle. Each piece of the puzzle on its own doesn't necessarily have much effect, but put them together and ta-da, you have a marketing masterpiece!

So what does constitute a good marketing strategy then? Well, we're all about the inbound marketing approach at Red Guerrilla HQ because it's proven to work (check out these statistics from our State of Inbound Report) and covers all of the important puzzle pieces one by one, linking them together to deliver effective campaigns.

Let's see how inbound works and how you can use it to meet your marketing objectives...

An inbound approach to meeting marketing objectives

Traditional marketing is not as effective as it once was. Buyers are smarter, more savvy, more selective, and generally better researched. Your potential clients are also becoming better at blocking out unwanted sales pitches and advertising.

The modern, inbound way of doing things prefers to give the buyer control, educating, informing, and engaging with them directly by creating content that attracts them to your website, products and services.

It focuses on 3 main stages:

Attract - drawing your ideal clients towards you like a marketing magnet by providing them with content that solves their problems
Convert - turning visitors into leads and potential clients through landing pages and appealing calls to action
Close - converting these leads into valued customers and helping with the sales process through lead nurturing

Start with your ideal customers

We have lots of helpful information on defining and speaking to your ideal clients, which we'll share in a moment, but suffice to say that working out who exactly you want to talk to and why will make deciding what to talk to them about and how you start the conversation much, much easier.
The reality is that modern digital marketing is like a large jigsaw puzzle