Konecranes UK Ltd News and PR from Konecranes UK Ltd - Published 15 December 2015 Ahead of Konecranes UK official launch of its latest service innovation, Agilon this month, the world’s leading lifting equipment manufacturer has...
Ahead of Konecranes UK official launch of its latest service innovation, Agilon this month, the worldÂ’s leading lifting equipment manufacturer has announced that is has installed and commissioned the system solution within its own parts operation here in the UK.

In addition to accommodating some 70% of Konecranes existing parts inventory, utilisation of Agilon has also served deliver a key benefit that the materials management solution has the capability of providing, a significant footprint gain.

As Paul Nagy, General Manager for Agilon comments: “Whilst Agilon has the capability of delivering many operational benefits, the fact that it utilises height is set to be one of its prime drivers. Indeed the situation within our own parts operation is a perfect example. Using a 22m x 6m, two-piece system with connecting tunnel that has a height of 5.6m has helped free up more than 30% additional floor space.”

The same sentiments are also shared by Konecranes head of its UK parts operation, Pamela Severn-Dabbs. “Agilon is helping transform our parts operation and in many ways, however the additional floor space that it has freed up is already proving a real benefit. We have a progressive and forward thinking strategy in place for the parts operation, which represents an increasingly significant aspect of Konecranes operation here in the UK, and Agilon is set play an instrumental part in this,” she said.

Despite the fact that the decision to launch Agilon was only announced at the end of May, it has already attracted significant attention from a number of leading single and multi-site organisations across many industry sectors. As Paul Nagy adds: “Interest in the system has more than exceeded our expectations, and what is particularly pleasing is that this has emanated from a variety of sources, and not just across our existing customer base. Not surprisingly, since the Agilon system was installed at Castle Donington, we have used this opportunity to showcase its real potential in totally transforming the materials management process to a number of potential customers with whom we are now in the advanced stages of negotiation.”

Serving to embrace the era of the emerging industrial Internet, Agilon is a patented, fully–automated and modular intelligent solution that is designed to deliver added value to the materials management process. This is achieved by the revolutionary way in which components are managed, stored, picked and replenished, irrespective on end-use application.
Serving to embrace the era of the emerging industrial Internet

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