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Avon Barriers Introduce Ballistic Protection Against Armed Attack

Avon Barrier News and PR from Avon Barrier - Published 06 June 2017 Avon Barrier are expanding their product portfolio and have launched their first ballistic gate which protects against armed attack; the ‘Garrison Ballistic Protection Gate or ‘GBP’.
The Garrison Ballistic Gate has a multi-hit capability and will withstand a BR6 weapon attack. The sliding gate is constructed with material that has been independently physically tested and certified to comply with the highest internationally recognised standards. Designed and tested to defeat multiple projectile calibre: NATO 7.62x51mm (AK-47 or 308 Winchester or similar) with a cartridge type 147 grain full steel jacket (M80) and a velocity range of 2690 to 2756 ft/sec or 838 m/s

The Garrison Ballistic Gate is manufactured and designed at Avon Barriers UK headquarters, by engineers with a wealth of experience in the fields of high security vehicle barriers and gates. Now having undergone extensive field trials, the ‘GBP’ is ready to be exported internationally to protect critical infrastructure and sensitive sites from an ever-increasing threat of armed weapon attack and the Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED).

Designed with our international market in mind, the gateÂ’s modular assembly allows shipping costs to be kept to a minimum. Once on site the gate is simple to install with a foundation depth of less than 500mm, the gate can be easily installed by local contractors or alternatively our international team of support staff can assist with the installation and commissioning process.

The environments in which the high security gate is suited are likely to require fast acting operation, Avon have developed an optional high speed gate drive, enabling the gate to open/close at a speed of 2 seconds per meter. This provides added security to a site, ensuring that authorised vehicles are processed quickly without compromising site security and opportunities for attack are kept to a minimum.

Paul Jeffrey, Avon BarrierÂ’s Managing Director commented

“In today’s environment higher levels of perimeter protection are increasingly necessary and design consultants are tasked with ensuring that installations are not only safe and secure in the current climate but are also future proofed against an escalating threat level. The Garrison Ballistic Protection Gate provides not only an effective vehicle control solution but a high level of security against ballistic weapon attack and VBID threat.”

For more information regarding the Garrison Ballistic Protection Gate please contact our sales team at [email protected] or visit our website www.avon-barrier.co.uk.
In todayÂ’s environment higher levels of perimeter protection are increasingly necessary

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