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Heskins New Product: H3404 Very Thick Safety Grip

Heskins Ltd News and PR from Heskins Ltd - Published 28 July 2015 A very thick variant of Heskins Safety Grip is something which has been in demand by customers for some time. However, due to production implications, this has previously been next to impossible...
In early 2015, Heskins decided to begin R&D into realising this vision and add a new product to the Heskins range, and in July, began production of their new H3404 very thick Safety Grip.

Being able to source the plastic film required to be able to begin full scale production of Safety Grip to our desired levels has been difficult, as thicker plastic films make it harder to specify varying properties and colours.

With the production of H3404 very thick Safety Grip, modifications have been made in the production machines to accommodate the material. Heskins current standard of cutting blades would not last long when cutting a material this thick, so new high volume crush cut blades have been acquired to cope with the demand of this material.

Heskins can now produce H3404 2mm thick Safety grip in rolls widths ranging from 20mm to 1170mm and lengths up to 18.3m. The grit grade is somewhere between standard and coarse Safety Grip ranges, so will excel in many industrial applications. It is available in black only at present, but this is something that is set to change in the future.

Suitable for application in floor and star recesses, H3404 very thick Safety Grip will remove trip hazards and provide excellent slip protection. It’s 2mm thick construction will help smooth out flooring and steps, reducing the risk of accidents. It has proven popular on shipping decking aswell, taking the strain off walking on steel flooring all day, by providing a more cushioned service that has exceptional slip protection to cope with the rigours working on a ship entails.

Heskins supply H3404 in roll sizes ranging from 20mm to 1170mmin a length of 18.3m, as well as die cuts in various shapes and sizes. The anti slip surface grit grade is somewhere between Heskins standard and coarse Safety Grip ranges, which means it will apply itself to many industrial applications.

You can buy H3404 at a very cost effective price due to the MOQ’s ( mass order quantities ) of the base materials.

For more information, or to place an order, you can contact Heskins by phone on +44 (0) 1254 832266 or via email at [email protected]
Heskins can now produce H3404 2mm thick Safety grip in rolls widths ranging from 20mm to 1170mm

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