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Containers Direct News and PR from Containers Direct - Published 11 May 2015 At Containers Direct, we believe in progress and development, therefore we are always thinking ahead and striving to make new ideas happen. So this year we are focusing on Special Orders.
We are planning to increase our capacity and range of choice for Special Order Products. While we will always continue to offer a good range of our best selling standardised products, an increasing number of customers are choosing customised orders, and we've put steps in place to make placing special orders a smoother process.

These special adaptations begin with detailed discussions with our technical team, who will talk you through workable options, and then produce a CAD drawing of the proposed project, including a breakdown of costing. Upon our client's approval, we will then start creating your Special Order in our on site workshop.

Example Special Orders:

•Offices and workshops

•Biomass boiler housing

•Canteens and toilets

•Catering Industry
Container Conversions made to order

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