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Packaged Pumping Stations website from AES

Automated Environmental Systems News and PR from Automated Environmental Systems - Published 20 June 2018 Our Packaged Pumping Station information website brings together all the information you need to choose the right pumping station - all in one place.
On our packaged pumping stations website you will find information explaining how a packaged pumping station works, choosing the right model for your needs and a run down of our above and below ground ranges.

We offer a number of off-the-shelf options which can be shipped same day or next day, we also offer a bespoke service where we will build a system to your exact requirements, whether you need a 1m deep tank with guide rails or a 5m deep tank with freestanding grinder pumps we can help.

Options for our packaged pumping stations include MDPE discharge pipe, compression fittings and control equipment.

For more information head over to our new information website at: www.packagedpumpingstations.co.uk
Automated Environmental Systems has been one of the UK’s leading suppliers of packaged pumping stations for over 20 years

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