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SN Ultra-Clean Technology

Penn Packaging Limited News and PR from Penn Packaging Limited - Published 03 July 2014 SN Ultra-Clean Technology

- Do your customers expect fresh, enjoyable products without additives?
- In a modern, practical package that is easy to carry?
- Do you expect a securely packaged product with extended shelf-life?
- Highest flexibility and lowest cost pouches?
- Are you looking for new marketing opportunities?
- And a machine that offers everything?

With the latest development of the SN ULTRA-CLEAN Technology for the multi-station LMS machine, SN has built a system that will exceed all your expectations. All types of pouches with fill volumes from 70 – 350 ml can be produced on the LMS machine. The format change-over is always easy and quick through the use of quick-change cassettes and central adjustment.

It does not matter if you need centre or corner spouts, or radius’s or shaped pouches. The LMS machine is modular, flexible and offers many options.

Suitable for all conventional dosages. The SN ULTRA-CLEAN version for yoghurt drinks has been developed with a special dosing system ideal for aseptic packaging. Four different products can be filled at the same time.

The multi-station LMS machine offers increased flexibility for nearly every application; the number of stations will be adapted to meet the requirements. Changeover times minimized: The transport system is a unique modular style construction free from polygon effect and maintenance-free. It is easy to clean and allows for automatic adjustment of the pouch width. Changeover times will be reduced to a minimum.

On the SN ULTRA-CLEAN LMS machine, the dosing nozzles can be cleaned and sterilized without removal from the machine. A high filling accuracy and the possibility of filling different products are features of our dosing systems.

Through the application of the SN clean design, an easy-to-clean environment was created. Additional units like H2O2 sterilization and laminar flow keep the pouch material and filling stations clean. Through the combination of all measures, a sterile zone is created. Increase your OEE with the support of integrated inspection systems to insure the quality of the packaging. Many different systems are available on the LMS machine.

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