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News and PR from Filpumps Ltd - Published 03 August 2012 Issue 15
Service Agreements
So you have cover if your boiler or car breaks down and someone will come out and fix it, but what about your water system? Could you live without clean water for a shower, washing clothes or making a cup of tea? Could you live without a working sewage system? By taking out a service agreement with Filpumps you will be assured of not only experienced engineers and the highest quality products but you can also contact our service department at ANY time in case of an emergency. For more information or to sign up for a service agreement please contact our service department on 01467 623010 or [email protected]

Turriff Show
Filpumps will be attending Turriff Show on Sunday 5th and Monday 6th August. Come and visit us over the weekend to discuss any issues or queries regarding pumps, filters, treatment systems or agricultural products. We look forward to seeing you there

Orkney Visit
Russell Mann and Stephen Moar will be visiting Orkney from Wednesday 8th August - Monday 13th August. They will be available for discussions and consultations on a wide range of topics such as

• Dairy Chemicals and Equipment

• Slurry Stores

• Boreholes

• Rainwater Harvesting

Russell and Stephen will also be attending the Orkney County Show, where they can be found on the Linklater Engineering stand. For more information about where you can meet Russell and Stephen or to make an appointment please contact Russell on 07980 613149 or on [email protected]

New Plumbing Range
Filpumps now stocks a new plumbing range of copper pipes and fittings including endfeed, solder ring, compression and valves. The plumbing range is UK manufactured and WRAS approved.

Polytank - Loft Water Storage Tanks
Filpumps are now distributors of the Polytank range of Loft Water Storage Tanks. The range includes a variety of tanks ranging from 12 gallons (55 litres) to 100 gallons (454 litres) The tanks come with fixings such as snap on lids and insulation and ties and are a full and complete package. Raised ballcock chambers are also available to meet regulatory bylaw requirements.

Harlequin Transfuel
The only fully plastic portable Diesel Transfer Tank on the market Designed to transport and dispense your fuel in compliance with all relevant regulations, these time saving and money saving tanks allow you to transport 430 litres of diesel (or bio diesel up to 87) by simply loading on to any suitable vehicle and delivering directly to site.

Grundfos Sololift2 Lifting Stations…
...a new alternative to Saniflo’
Filpumps are now stocking an alternative to Saniflo. The Grundfos Sololift+ lifting stations are suitable for use in private residences where there is no natural downward slope to lead waste water directly into a main sewer. Sololift+ can be used for

Toilets, Cabinet Showers, Washbasins

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