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WRL Consultancy Ltd

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    WRL Consultancy Ltd

    Custom Radio-Frequency Technology Solutions

    RF Technology

    Since 2002 WRL Consultancy Ltd has been providing a wide range of businesses and organisations with a comprehensive range of RF and general electronic consultancy and associated engineering services.


    Our clients are from a range of sectors including security, counter surveillance, consumer products, and safety systems to importers, distributers, consultants, specifiers and designers.

    Also a large part of our activity's are in the field of low power radio also known as short range devices or SRD's and as such we are members of the Low Power Radio Association.

    We offer our services to customers of all sizes from small start-ups through to large organisations both here in the UK and abroad.

    At WRL Consultancy we aim to provide a professional and flexible service and with that in mind will accept assignments of all sizes. We also aim to provide a responsive service to customers old and new and will always discuss your requirements in complete confidence.

    Our Services

    - Design & Development
    - Technical Studies & Concept Development
    - Advisory & Problem Solving
    - EMC/EMI Problem Investigation
    - Magnet Calibration
    - Magnetic Field Surveys
    - Technical Evaluation & Testing
    - Technical Compliance
    - Technical Representation
    - Project Management
    - Equipment Hire

    Design & Development

    We offer a range of design and development services including provision of test development, feasibility studies, RF test fixtures, concept development and cost reduction.

    Technical Studies & Concept Development

    WRL Consultancy can also undertake background research for clients such as potential design options, available technologies and techniques, potentially suitable components and modules.

    Advisory and Problem Solving & Troubleshooting

    Under this service we offer we are able to provide advice on new designs, changes to existing designs, RF testing in both production and development and use of RF products and equipment.

    EMC/EMI Problem Investigation

    Our unique experience in this field allows us to investigate suspected interference whether internal of external and can propose and implement measures to mitigate or eliminate the problem.

    Successfully dealing with EMC and EMI problems in a whole range of forms is where we really excel.

    Magnet Calibration

    We provide a full calibration service for magnets used in the food industry.

    We have been providing an on-site magnet calibration service to a whole range of food manufacturing clients in the Manchester area since 2002.

    Offsite calibration is also a service we are able to provide on a quick turnaround basis so why not get in touch, we will be pleased to discuss your requirements.

    Technical Compliance

    We also offer a comprehensive technical compliance service assisting in determining applicable standards, liaison with test bodies and relevant authorities, preparing documentation and samples and preliminary basic evaluation testing.

    Technical Representation

    Acting as our client's technical representative is another service WRL Consultancy is able to provide and we are always quite happy to interface with suppliers of specialist RF parts, products, equipment and services. This service may be of great benefit to clients who may not necessarily have the relevant knowledge or in-house resources to undertake such technical representation.

    Project Management

    In addition to our existing services WRL Consultancy is pleased to offer management services for technical projects which can quite often provide beneficial to technical project managers and where there are a number of external parties involved.

    Equipment Hire

    We offer an equipment hire service for a wide range of equipment such as Gaussmeters and Magnetometers so to find out more about this service please visit our website.