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    W&P Assessment and Training Centre

    W&P Training and Assessment Centre offers a one stop shop for both start up and established organisations that work within the social care and health industry.

    At W&P Assessment and Training Centre it is our aim to help organisations develop, improve and maintain their business to help improve their compliancy against the Health and Social Care Act 2008/Regulations 2014.

    Everything we do has been specifically designed to help your organisation achieve a good or outstanding rating for when the Care Quality Commission arrives to assess and inspect the service you are providing.

    We offer our services to a broad spectrum of customers including but not limited to:

     - Local Authorities
     - Residential and Domiciliary Care Providers
     - Charities and Non Profit Organisations
     - Supporting Living Providers
     - Nursing Service Providers

    Who Are We?

    We are a team of professionals that come from a wide range of backgrounds in the care sector giving us a unique selling point mainly because we have either managed or owned either a domiciliary or residential business.

    Many of our trainers also come from a local authority and CQC backgrounds giving us a unique insight and expertise in this sector.


    Under the heading of Compliance, W&P Assessment and Training Centre is able to provide one of the most comprehensive ranges of training services covering the English Care, Welsh Care and Scottish Care Sectors.

    Under English Care alone we are able to offer the following:

     - CQC Compliance
     - Policies & Procedures
     - Inspection Audits
     - CQC Compliance Workshop
     - NEW Strategic CQC Workshop 2018
     - Business Startup Packages
     - CQC Registration Services
     - Employee Handbooks
     - Administration Forms & Templates
     - Business Support

    Online Training

    Most people think of one to one training as an expensive process that can be extremely time consuming, but that�s simply not true!

    One of our highly experienced tutors will go through the process at precisely the pace required by each individual to ensure they get the optimum learning experience and what's more as often as they need to maintain your businesses safety and compliancy.

    This is all offered at a fraction of the cost and time and also has the added bonus of reduced loss of productivity because of its flexibility and efficiency.

    The online training courses we offer come under three main sections:

     - Health & Social Care
     - Business Skills
     - Health & Safety

    Staff Training

    W&P Assessment and Training Centre offer a range of cost effective staff training courses for the health and safety sector.

    Each course is suitable for Health and Adult Care providers in England and are specifically aimed at existing staff who already provide care and support to people in community and residential settings.

    These courses have been designed to increase the professional development of your staff. All are extremely flexible and adaptable for health and social care settings and can be employed again and again with no ongoing licensing or usage fees.

    Free 30 Minute Telephone Consultation

    W&P Assessment and Training Centre offers a 'FREE' thirty minute telephone consultation service for all new customers so why not give us a call to find out more.

    Alternatively please visit our website, thank you.

    Opening Hours

    Monday 09:00 to 16:30
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    Friday 09:00 to 16:30
    Saturday Closed
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    Products and Services

    1. Abrasive Wheels Training
    2. Asbestos Training
    3. Business Skills
    4. Business Skills Training
    5. Business Training
    6. Business Training Courses
    7. Conflict Resolution In The Workplace
    8. Construction Health And Safety Training
    9. COSHH Training
    10. Customer Service Training
    11. Data Protection In The Workplace
    12. Dementia Awareness
    13. Demolition Health And Safety Training
    14. Dignity And Privacy Training
    15. Disciplinary Procedures
    16. Display Screen Equipment Training
    17. Effective Delegation
    18. End Of Life Care Training
    19. Facebook For Business
    20. Fire Safety Training
    21. First Aid Training
    22. Food Safety Training
    23. Health & Safety Training
    24. Health & Social Care Online
    25. Health & Social Care Training
    26. Health And Safety Online Training Courses
    27. Health And Safety Trainer
    28. Health And Safety Trainers
    29. Health And Safety Training
    30. Health And Safety Training Companies
    31. Health Safety Training
    32. Industrial Health And Safety Training
    33. Infection Control Training
    34. Leadership Skills
    35. Learning Disability Awareness
    36. Legionella Training
    37. LinkedIn For Business
    38. Manual Handling Training
    39. Mental Health Awareness
    40. Negotiation Training
    41. Nutrition And Hydration Training
    42. Occupational Health & Safety Training
    43. Office Health & Safety Training
    44. Online Business Skills
    45. Online Health And Safety Trainer
    46. Online Health And Safety Trainers
    47. Online Health And Safety Training
    48. Online Health And Safety Training Courses
    49. Person-Centred Care Training
    50. Personal Development Training
    51. Positive Handling In Schools
    52. Presentation Skills
    53. Project Management Training
    54. Safe Handling Of Medicines
    55. Safeguarding Training
    56. SEO For Business
    57. Small Business Training
    58. Social Media For Business
    59. Staff Training
    60. Stress Management Training
    61. Time Management Training
    62. Training Centres
    63. Twitter For Business
    64. UK Business Training
    65. Working At Height Training
    66. Working Safely Training

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