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    Withinthebox Ltd provide brand new Home & Office Safes, Lockers, Commercial Safes & Cabinets, Key Cabinets, Gun Cabinets and more from leading brands like Phoenix Safes, Chubbsafes, DeRaat, Dudley Safes and Checkmate. You can be guaranteed to receive the lowest prices possible and the peace of mind from buying from a 5 STAR Trusted Supplier.

    If you require 2nd hand or fully recondition safes do not hesitate to contact us, not only will we do our best to find the perfect safe for you all of our products come with FREE UK delivery.

    Home & Office Insurance Approved Safes

    Many households and businesses will already have safes, but you may not be aware that not all safes are insurance approved!

    There are various ways to check if your safe is insurance approved like tapping the top and sides of the safe check the fireproof materials inside, looking out for brass or chrome handles & name plates screwed into the door (this indicates it is probably made from mild steel), there is a good chance you will need to upgrade your safe.

    Home and office safes:


    Eurograde Safes: Grade 0-7

    When it comes to security Eurograde Safes are the very best you can get. They are all awarded EN 1143-1 certification and are tested to the very highest levels to prove their resistance to burglary's.

    We also offer an installation service to ensure your new safe is fixed to a surface securely and to conform with insurance requirements.

    Eurograde safes:

    - EURO GRADE 0: 6000 RATED
    - EURO GRADE 1: 10,000 RATED
    - EURO GRADE 2: 17,500 RATED
    - EURO GRADE 3: 35,000 RATED
    - EURO GRADE 4: 60,000 RATED
    - EURO GRADE 5: 100,000 RATED
    - EURO GRADE 6: 150,000 RATED

    Fire Safes

    Withinthebox Ltd offer a wide range of fire safes for various media like paper, digital and battery storage, we also supply fire resistant filing cabinets. Fire safes are available in all sizes, from small safes to large cabinets, in fact we have hundreds of different fire safes available to buy direct from our website with free delivery.

    Multi Use Security Safes / Cabinets

    For anything not mentioned above, our range of multi use security safes will do the job. Suitable for most purposes and providing excellent security our multi use safes and cabinets include:



    We don't just supply safes and security cabinets, we also offer an excellent range of lockers with everything from 1 to 16 door lockers to suit a wide range of industries. Our lockers come in various colours to match that of your business and like everything else we do they provide great security features.

    Our lockers are suitable for various industries  applications:

    - Changing Rooms
    - Schools
    - Offices
    - Janitors
    - Swimming Pools
    - Police Stations

    Everything we stock is available to buy direct from our website with FREE nationwide delivery, we also stock deposit safes, key cabinets, key safes, letterboxes and more.

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    Monday 08:00 to 20:00
    Tuesday 08:00 to 20:00
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    Accepted Payment Methods

    Visa Debit
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    Key Personnel
    Russell Stoner
    Russell Stoner Director/Owner
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    Products and Services

    1. 1 Door Locker
    2. 16 Door Locker
    3. 2 Door Locker
    4. 3 Door Locker
    5. 4 Door Locker
    6. 5 Door Locker
    7. 6 Door Locker
    8. 8 Door Locker
    9. AiS Approved Safes
    10. Apartment Letter Boxes
    11. Apartment Letterboxes
    12. Battery Storage
    13. British Letterboxes
    14. Budget Key Cabinets
    15. Cabinets And Lockers
    16. Care Home Wall Safety
    17. Changing Lockers
    18. Changing Room Lockers
    19. Clean And Dirty Lockers
    20. Clear Door Lockers
    21. Cloakroom Lockers
    22. Clothes Lockers
    23. Clothing Lockers
    24. College Lockers
    25. Coloured Mild Steel Lockers
    26. Commercial Letterboxes
    27. Commercial Safes
    28. Compartment Lockers
    29. Counter Safes
    30. Cube Lockers
    31. Deposit Safe
    32. Deposit Safes
    33. Digital Key Safes
    34. Domestic Letterboxes
    35. Education Locker
    36. Education Lockers
    37. Electronic Key Cabinets
    38. Employee Lockers
    39. Euro Grade Deposit Safes
    40. External Letter Boxes
    41. Fire Cabinets
    42. Fire Rated Cabinets
    43. Fire Rated Letterboxes
    44. Fire Rated Lockers
    45. Fire Rated Probe Lockers
    46. Fire Rated Safes
    47. Fire Resistant Filing Cabinets
    48. Fire Safes
    49. Fireproof Letter Boxes
    50. First Aid Cabinets
    51. Fixed Lockers
    52. Flat Garment Lockers
    53. Free Standing Lockers
    54. Full Height Probe Lockers
    55. Garment Lockers
    56. Gun Cabinets
    57. Gym Lockers
    58. High Security Cabinets
    59. High Security Safes
    60. Home Safes
    61. Hospital Lockers
    62. Industrial Lockers
    63. Insurance Approved Safe
    64. Key Cabinet
    65. Key Cabinet Combination
    66. Key Cabinet Combination Lock
    67. Key Cabinet Steel
    68. Key Cabinet Uk
    69. Key Cabinet With Digital Lock
    70. Key Cabinets
    71. Key Cabinets For Sale
    72. Key Letterboxes
    73. Key Safes
    74. Key Security Cabinets
    75. Keyless Digital Key Safes
    76. Keysafes
    77. Laptop Lockers
    78. Large Letterboxes
    79. Leisure Centre Lockers
    80. Leisure Lockers
    81. Letter Boxes
    82. Letterboxes
    83. Letterboxes For Flats
    84. Letterboxes For Sale
    85. Locker
    86. Locker Sales
    87. Locker Solutions
    88. Lockers
    89. Lockers For Schools
    90. Lockers For Work
    91. Lockers Storage Lockers
    92. Locking Key Cabinet
    93. Locking Key Cabinets
    94. Medical Staff Lockers
    95. Metal Key Cabinets
    96. Metal Locker
    97. Metal Lockers
    98. Multi Use Security Safes
    99. Multiple Letterboxes
    100. Multiple Letterboxes For Flats
    101. Office Safes
    102. Outdoor Letterboxes
    103. Parcel Box
    104. Parcel Boxes
    105. Personal Effect Lockers
    106. Personal Effects Lockers
    107. Personal Locker
    108. Personnel Lockers
    109. Police Approved Shotgun Cabinets
    110. Probe Lockers
    111. Robust Outdoor Letterboxes
    112. Safe Installation
    113. Safe Removal
    114. Safe Supplier
    115. Safes
    116. School Locker
    117. School Lockers
    118. Secure Key Cabinets
    119. Secure Letterboxes
    120. Secure Lockers
    121. Security Cabinets
    122. Security Key Cabinets
    123. Security Lockers
    124. Security Safes
    125. Security Wall Safes
    126. Shotgun Cabinets
    127. Single Nest Probe Lockers
    128. Staff Lockers
    129. Staff Lockers Uniform
    130. Stainless Steel First Aid Cabinets
    131. Steel Clothes Lockers
    132. Steel Key Cabinets
    133. Steel Lockers
    134. Steel Security Cabinets
    135. Steel Storage Lockers
    136. Storage Locker
    137. Storage Lockers
    138. Surface Mounted Letterboxes
    139. Till Drawer Safes
    140. Two Tier Probe Lockers
    141. Underfloor Safes
    142. Uniform Lockers
    143. Vehicle Safes
    144. Wall Mounted Key Cabinets
    145. Wall Mounted Letterboxes
    146. Wall Safes

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