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    In Case Solutions

    We are a small manufacturing company with over thirty five years’ experience within the industry, and are able to offer a wide range of custom case solutions to your transit, packaging and presentation problems: anything from standard cases with simple foam inserts to completely bespoke / custom cases, industrial cases, stitched bags and interiors.

    Our website illustrates a cross section of products and services that we are able to offer but please contact us for further specific information and speak to a friendly adviser with technical knowledge and experience in case solutions to suit your particular needs.

    The majority of the products offered are manufactured in the UK.

    Aluminium AluLite Attaché Cases
    The majority of the aluminium cases that we supply are bespoke build and subject to 5 off minimum order quantity but we do have some standard AluLite models.

    These cases feature aluminium frames, combination locks and are fully lined with lid paperwork wallet. AluLite cases are available in the standard sizes quoted on the website page and are normally available from stock.

    Injection Moulded Case Ranges
    There are two ranges of polypropylene injection moulded cases available at a price that should fit almost any budget the addition of printing with logos and product information is a popular customer choice. Many sizes and colours are stocked. Please call us to discuss the requirement or alternatively email us.

    Waterproof IP67 Moulded DuroCase
    These injection moulded high performance polypropylene cases offer a rugged IP67 rated protective case at a fraction of the price of some of the other manufacturers.

    We can now offer three sizes of IP67 rated DuroCase which are light and tough and have 'pick and pluck' cube-cut foam in the case base for you to customise exactly the way you want it - supplied in layers to make cutting the foams a straightforward process

    Features include automatic pressure equalisation valve, strong soft feel handle, heavy duty fully integrated hinge, built-in feet, stacking 'location' ribs and heavy duty toggle locks. There are also two 7mm diameter padlocking eyes that line up through the lid and base halves to allow for padlocks or seals, for added security.

    These cases offer superior protection from the elements, water, dust and impact, making them suitable for a wide array of applications, ranging from marine, photography and on-location filming, outdoor sports like hunting and fishing, military applications, offshore and diving use, etc.

    Briefcases, Pilot Cases & presentation
    We offer a range of briefcases, pilot cases (top loading style) and presentation products in PVC and Leather.

    Medical Cases
    Our ‘Call-out’ lightweight medical cases are perfect for domiciliary use by doctors, nurses and chiropodists and feature combination locks for security, lid document wallet and self-cut foam in the base so that you can keep all of your items snug and safe. There is also a loose toolboard for storing small hand tools.

    Tool Cases
    Tool cases are available in a range of sizes and designs and range from stitched 600D polyester tool wallets, to top-of-the-range heavy duty ABS toolcases. If you have a small range of lightweight tools or a heavy comprehensive set of tools, we have the case that will fit the bill.

    SOCO (Scene of Crime Officer) Cases
    Specialist light weight ‘Call out’ cases are designed to make the job easier with self-cut foam to snugly house all of the specialist tools and equipment, lid tool wallet to help organise paperwork and even a loose tool board for small tools & brushes, etc..

    Bespoke services
    Please see our other page if you require a special, bespoke case design (some minimum order quantities may apply)

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    1. 19 Inch Cases
    2. 19 Inch Rack Cases
    3. 19" Rack Cases
    4. 19” Rack Cases
    5. 1U Rack Cases
    6. ABS Cases
    7. Abs Flight Case
    8. Abs Flight Cases
    9. Air Flight Case
    10. Airfreight Cases
    11. Aluminium Attache Cases
    12. Aluminium Attaché Cases
    13. Aluminium Briefcases
    14. Aluminium Carrying Case
    15. Aluminium Cases
    16. Aluminium Cases Briefcases
    17. Aluminium Cases Briefcases Presentation Cases
    18. Aluminium Cases Companies
    19. Aluminium Cases/Briefcases
    20. Aluminium Flight Case
    21. Aluminium Flight Cases
    22. Aluminium Presentation Cases
    23. Aluminum Cases
    24. Amazon Cases
    25. Amp Flight Case
    26. Amplifier Cases
    27. Amplifier Flight Cases
    28. Astroboard Cases
    29. Attache Cases
    30. Audio Flight Cases
    31. Automotive Cases
    32. AV Cases
    33. AV Flight Briefcases
    34. AV Flight Cases
    35. Backpack With Foam Insert
    36. Bags And Cases
    37. Bags Made To Order
    38. Ballistic Nylon Instrument Cases
    39. Ballistic Nylon Stitched Bags
    40. Battery Cases
    41. Bespoke Backpacks
    42. Bespoke Bag Manufacturer
    43. Bespoke Bags
    44. Bespoke Cases
    45. Bespoke Flight Cases
    46. Bespoke Holster
    47. Bespoke Promotional Bags
    48. Bespoke Stitched Backpacks
    49. Bespoke Stitched Bags
    50. Bespoke Tablet Cases
    51. Blu-Ray Cases
    52. Bookcases
    53. Branded Flight Cases
    54. Branded Leather Instrument Cases
    55. Branded Leather Products
    56. Branded Moulded Cases
    57. Branded Polyester Bags
    58. Branded Presentation Bags
    59. Branded Presentation Cases
    60. Branded Protective Bags
    61. Branded Protective Cases
    62. Branded Stitched Bags
    63. Branded Tablet Cases
    64. Branded Tool Wallets
    65. Brief Cases
    66. Briefcases
    67. Broadcast Equipment Cases
    68. Broadcast Equipment Flight Cases
    69. Broadcast Flight Cases
    70. Business Card Cases
    71. Business Cases
    72. Business Laptop Bags
    73. Camera Cases
    74. Camera Flight Cases
    75. Carrying Case
    76. Case Foam Inserts
    77. Case Study
    78. Case With Foam
    79. Cases
    80. Cases Made To Order
    81. Cases With Cubed Foam
    82. Cases With Cut Foam
    83. Cases With Foam
    84. Cases With Foam Inserts
    85. Cases With Trolley Systems
    86. Cd Flight Cases
    87. CD Slimline Cases
    88. Closed-Cell Foam
    89. CNC Cut Foams
    90. CNC Foam
    91. CNC Routed Foam Inserts
    92. CNC Routering
    93. CNC Routing
    94. CNC Water Jet Cutting Foam
    95. Commercial Transit Cases
    96. Component Cases
    97. Composite Cases
    98. Computer Carrying Cases
    99. Computer Cases
    100. Computer Flight Cases
    101. Computer Server Cases
    102. Computer Server Flight Cases
    103. Computer Transit Cases
    104. Corrugated Cases
    105. Credit Card Cases
    106. Crimp Cases
    107. Custom Aluminium Cases
    108. Custom Bag With Foam
    109. Custom Bags
    110. Custom Bags With Foam
    111. Custom Built Cases
    112. Custom Built Flight Case
    113. Custom Built Flight Cases
    114. Custom Carry Cases
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    116. Custom Cases
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    118. Custom Flight Cases
    119. Custom Foam Inserts
    120. Custom Made Backpacks
    121. Custom Made Tote Bag
    122. Custom Made Tote Bags
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    125. Custom Made Bags
    126. Custom Made Cases
    127. Custom Made Engineers Cases
    128. Custom Made Flight Case
    129. Custom Made Flight Cases
    130. Custom Made Foam Inserts
    131. Custom Made Instrument Cases
    132. Custom Made Padded Bags
    133. Custom Made Polyester Bags
    134. Custom Made Rucksack
    135. Custom Made Rucksacks
    136. Custom Made Soft Bag
    137. Custom Made Soft Bags
    138. Custom Made Stitched Bags
    139. Custom Made Tablet Cases
    140. Custom Made Tool Cases
    141. Custom Made Tool Wallets
    142. Custom Made Vinyl Padded Bags
    143. Custom Made Vinyl Stitched Cases
    144. Custom Padded Bags
    145. Custom Soft Cases
    146. Custom Stitched Padded Bags
    147. Custom Stitched Soft Cases
    148. Customised Cases
    149. Customised Foam Interiors
    150. Demonstration Cases
    151. Die Cut Foam
    152. Die Cut Foams
    153. Diecut Foam
    154. Display Case
    155. Display Cases
    156. Display Printed Cases
    157. DJ Cases
    158. DJ Equipment Cases
    159. DJ Flight Cases
    160. Drum Flight Cases
    161. Dust Proof Cases
    162. Electronic Cases
    163. Electronic Equipment Cases
    164. Electronic Equipment Covers
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    166. ElectronicCases
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    168. ElectronicsCases
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    171. Engineers Cases
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    183. Extruded Cases
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    185. Filter Cases
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    187. Flight Case Bags
    188. Flight Case Company
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    190. Flight Case Experts
    191. Flight Case Foam
    192. Flight Case Manufacturer
    193. Flight Case Manufacturers
    194. Flight Case Manufacturers UK
    195. Flight Case Manufaturer
    196. Flight Case Specialists
    197. Flight Case Uk
    198. Flight Case With Foam
    199. Flight Cases
    200. Flight Cases Designer
    201. Flight Cases Experts
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    204. Flight Cases Protective Bags
    205. Flight Cases Specialists
    206. Flight Cases Trunks
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    208. Flight Cases With Foam
    209. Flight Rack Case
    210. Flightcase Servicing
    211. Foam Case Inserts
    212. Foam Case Interiors
    213. Foam Fitted Cases
    214. Foam Inserts
    215. Foam Inserts For Cases
    216. Foam Routing
    217. Full Flight Case
    218. Guitar Amp Flight Cases
    219. Guitar Amp Head Flight Cases
    220. Gun Cases
    221. Hand Held Cases
    222. Hand Held Computer Cases
    223. Hand Held Holster Covers
    224. Hand Held Instrument Cases
    225. Hard Cases
    226. Hard Wearing Cases
    227. Hardigg Cases
    228. Hdpe Cases
    229. Heavy Duty Cases
    230. Heavy Duty Flight Cases
    231. Heavy Duty Protective Cases
    232. Heavy Duty Transit Cases
    233. Heavy Range Cases
    234. Hexagrip Flight Cases
    235. Holster Cases
    236. Hot Melt & PVA Case Sealers
    237. Hprc Cases
    238. Industrial Cases
    239. Industrial Protective Cases
    240. Industrial Transit Cases
    241. Injection MouldedCases
    242. Installation Engineers Toolcase
    243. Instrument Cases
    244. IP Rated Cases
    245. IP Rated Weatherproof Cases
    246. IPad Case Solutions
    247. Keyboard Flight Cases
    248. Laminated Foams
    249. Laptop Carrying Cases
    250. Laptop Cases
    251. Laptop Flight Case
    252. Laptop Flight Cases
    253. Laptop Transit Cases
    254. Leather Instrument Cases
    255. Lighting Bags
    256. Lighting Cases
    257. Lighting Controller Flight Cases
    258. Lighting Flight Cases
    259. Lightweight ABS Plastic Rack Cases
    260. Lightweight Cases
    261. Lightweight Flight Cases
    262. Lightweight Injection Moulded Cases
    263. Lightweight Padded Bags
    264. Lockable Cases
    265. Locking Poster Cases
    266. Machined Foam Inserts
    267. Made To Order Bags
    268. Made To Order Cases
    269. Maximum Protection Cases
    270. Medical Bags
    271. Medical Cases
    272. MedicalCases
    273. Metal Attache Cases
    274. Metal Cases
    275. Microphone Flight Cases
    276. Mixer Flight Cases
    277. MOD Cases
    278. Modular Briefcases
    279. Modular Cases
    280. Modular Flight Cases
    281. Monitor Transit Cases
    282. Motor Sport Cases
    283. Motorsport Cases
    284. Music Flight Cases
    285. Music Rack Flight Cases
    286. Musical Instrument Cases
    287. Oem Cases
    288. Packing Cases
    289. Padded Bags
    290. Padded Bags For Equipment
    291. Padded Bags Made To Order
    292. Padded Equipment Bags
    293. Panel Cases
    294. PCB Cases
    295. PDA Bags
    296. PDA Case
    297. PDA Stitched Bags
    298. Peli Cases
    299. Peli Storm Case
    300. Peli Storm Cases
    301. Pilot Flight Case
    302. Plasma Case Supplier
    303. Plasma Cases
    304. Plasma Flight Cases
    305. Plasma Screen Flight Cases
    306. Plastic Carrying Case
    307. Plastic Cases
    308. Plastic Display Cases
    309. Plastic Flight Case
    310. Plastic Flight Cases
    311. Plywood Cases
    312. Poly Case
    313. Polycarbonate Cases
    314. Polypropylene Cases
    315. Portable Product Demonstration Cases
    316. Poster Cases
    317. Presentation Cases
    318. Presentation Packaging
    319. Presentation Packaging Solutions
    320. Presentation Solutions
    321. Presentational Packaging
    322. Printed Laptop Bags
    323. Printer Flight Cases
    324. Proctective Cases
    325. Product Demonstration Cases
    326. Product Kit Boxes
    327. Product Sample Cases
    328. Projector Flight Cases
    329. Promotional Bag Design
    330. Promotional Bags
    331. Promotional Calculator Cases
    332. Promotional Cases
    333. Promotional Cosmetic Cases
    334. Promotional Document Cases
    335. Promotional Laptop Bags
    336. Promotional Laptop Computer Bags
    337. Promotional Packaging
    338. Promotional Zipped Document Cases
    339. Protective Bags
    340. Protective Camera Case
    341. Protective Case Solutions
    342. Protective Cases
    343. Protective Computer Case
    344. Protective Equipment Case
    345. Protective Equipment Cases
    346. Protective Flight Cases
    347. Protective Stitched Bags
    348. Pull Handle Cases
    349. Rack Cases
    350. Rack Flight Cases
    351. Rack Mount Cases
    352. Rack Mounted Cases
    353. Rack Mounting Cases
    354. Rack Transit Cases
    355. Rackmount Cases
    356. Rackmount Flight Cases
    357. Rigidized Cases
    358. Rigidized Flight Cases
    359. Riveted Cases
    360. Road Case
    361. Road Cases
    362. Road Trunks
    363. Rotationally Moulded Cases
    364. Rotomoulded Cases
    365. Routed Foam Inserts
    366. Sales Cases
    367. Sales Demo Bags
    368. Sales Demo Cases
    369. Sales Presentation Cases
    370. Sample Bags
    371. Sample Cases
    372. Sample Cases With Wheels
    373. Sample Display Bags
    374. Sample Display Case
    375. Security Cases
    376. Service Engineer Toolcases
    377. Service Engineers Cases
    378. Shock Mounted Cases
    379. Shock Resistant Cases
    380. Show Cases
    381. Small Flight Case
    382. Small Tool Cases
    383. SOCO Cases
    384. Soft Bags
    385. Soft Cases
    386. Speaker Flight Cases
    387. Specialist Protective Cases
    388. Sporting Equipment Bags
    389. Sporting Equipment Cases
    390. Stage Lighting Cases
    391. Steel Cases
    392. Stitched Bags
    393. Stitched Bags Made To Order
    394. Stitched Instrument Cases
    395. Stitched Padded Bags
    396. Stitched Polyester Bags
    397. Stitched Products
    398. Stitched Tablet Cases
    399. Stitched Tool Wallets
    400. Storage Cases
    401. Storm Case
    402. Storm Cases
    403. Strong Cases
    404. Tablet Case Solutions
    405. Tablet Cases
    406. Tablet PC Cases
    407. Telemetry Flight Cases
    408. Test Equipment Cases
    409. TFT Monitor Flight Cases
    410. TFT Screen Cases
    411. Tool Bag
    412. Tool Bags
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    414. Tool Cases
    415. Toolbox Cases
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    418. Transit Cases
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    429. TV & Film Flight Cases
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    436. Waterproof Camera Case
    437. Waterproof Cases
    438. Waterproof Computer Case
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    440. Waterproof Flight Case
    441. Waterproof Flight Cases
    442. Waterproof Plastic Trunks
    443. Waterproof Protective Case
    444. Waterproof Storage Case
    445. Waterproof Storage Trunks
    446. Waterproof Trunks
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