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  • Materials tranferred nationally and worldwide
  • Experienced engineers
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Kecol Pumping Systems Ltd

Kecol offices & factory were originally situated in Wolverhampton and moved into specially built buildings on Faraday Drive in the Shropshire town of Bridgnorth during the summer of 1985.

After more than 40 years in the pump business, the Managing Director and original founder of Kecol Pumps Ltd decided to retire and hopefully enjoy life at a much slower, well-deserved pace, and this decision resulted in the closure of the company Kecol Pumps Ltd on 22nd October 2007.

This prompted four original Kecol Pumps Ltd employees, with a total of over 65 years experience in the design, manufacture and marketing of the Kecol Piston pump range of equipment, to instigate a management buy-out of the piston pump manufacturing side of the business. The company was purchased at the end of October 2007 and the NEW Company KECOL PUMPING SYSTEMS Ltd continued to trade as of 1st November 2007.

The New management of Kecol Pumping Systems Ltd are committed to continued product quality, customer service & future product development.

The Kecol company name has been synonymous with quality built pumps for more than 30 years and during that time the Kecol Piston Pump range of drum emptying equipment has evolved from single piston pumps to now include multi-drum handling systems.

UK Manufacturer
Kecol Pumping Systems Ltd are aware of the ever-increasing number of companies that are manufacturing similar systems around the world and by continuing to work closely with our existing & potential customers and designing equipment to specifically meet their requirements we have managed to expand our product range to include systems that ideally meet specific industry needs such as the unique Articulated Powerprime units, which have been installed by some of the major leading manufacturing companies in the Food & Pharmaceutical industries, in Ireland, France, Germany, Romania, Porte Rica, and New Zealand and in a number of cases customer have returned quite quickly with repeat business, which is very encouraging.

Worldwide Delivery
As world markets have increased, so has the need for international distributors and to-date Kecol Pumping Systems Ltd are represented in over twenty two countries around the world and have Kecol twin ram Maxiprime units installed in many of the major blue chip companies in the Cosmetic, Food and Pharmaceutical, industries around the world.

Pump Types
Kecol Pumping Systems Ltd are manufacturers of Air driven, Positive Displacement Piston Pumps and Priming Devices in Polished Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel, for transferring High Viscosity non-flowable products from drums and containers as used in the Cosmetic, Food, Pharmaceutical, Chemical and General Industries.

Products in drums or similar sized vessels that normally need to be heated in order to reduce the viscosity - can be transferred cold. Products with a viscosity up to 10,000 Poise can be transferred (cold) using the Kecol Maxiprime Pump and follower plate system and is also used to transfer pastes and products that stick to the inside of an open top drum, wiping the inside of the drum or vessel, product eliminating waste.

Kecol Air Powered Drum Pumps and transfer systems are suitable for all standard size closed top or open top drums and can be adapted to suit open top containers with an internal diameter up to 1200mm. Non contact parts as well as contact parts are available in Polished Stainless Steel, Clamp Type Construction is also available for Hygienic applications. Typical applications in the Food Industry include transferring: Tomato Puree, Concentrated Fruit Juice, Peanut Butter, Honey, Fruit Pastes, Biscuit Creams, Jams, Butter, Margarine, Sausage Meat and Meat Pie fillings with cooked vegetables.

Industry Sectors
Although our main product line is aimed at the hygienic markets, we do occasionally receive business from other sectors such as the chemical & general industrial industries and applications for the transfer of, Paints, Resins, Adhesives, Polymers, Latex, High Viscosity Grease, Mastic’s and Inks have been added to our portfolio – where customers where looking to transferred such products cold without having to pre-heat products or product drums, which has lead to greater and more efficient productivity.

Kecol are known for producing BESPOKE systems and because we can easily change our initial designs and modify equipment to suite individual customer’s requirements this can sometimes seem that nearly all orders are ‘special build,’ but as we have progressed the special items have become standard offering even more benefits to our customers and we have even noticed some of our ‘initial’ modifications have been adopted by other similar equipment manufacturers.

Applications in the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic industries include transferring: Mascara, Petroleum Jelly, Face creams, Base creams, Magnesium Hydroxide, Aluminium Hydroxide, Toothpaste, Lip-Gloss Waxes and Suntan Lotions.

More About Us
Kecol are not just a manufacturing organisation. Our years of experience transferring viscous products in the different markets over the years has meant we can advise our customers of any unforeseen production problems that we may have had experience of. In some cases we have saved customers vast amounts of money, simply by applying our application knowledge and experience. One pharmaceutical company was spending over £30,000 / year on extremely expensive Autoclave cleaning of product drums – between production runs. After discussions and trials with Kecol equipment – transferring product from drums using a disposable plastic bag lining, the Kecol Maxiprime & Followerplate system which is designed to wipe the inside of a drum fitted with a plastic /aseptic bag / inside the drum.
When the drums are empty, the lining on the drum is easily disposed of and the drums can be sterilized normally - without having to consider any further extreme costs etc…and the cost savings were said to be in excess of £15,000.

In many cases involving the cosmetic industries we have also managed to save the customers large amounts of money on wasted energy costs. The old way of emptying highly viscous pastes and creams (used in the cosmetic industry as base products) has been to pre-heat product drums in a large room heated with steam. This process can take up to 24 hours to heat the product drums to an acceptable temperature – where the product will then flow freely.

This also means that there has to be continual pre-production requirements and if the drums are not pre- prepared then sometimes production targets are not met.

The Kecol answer in these cases has been to transfer the product cold, no pre-heating. Not only have the heating rooms become redundant, but also, this has meant that short production runs can be achieved more efficiently (without having to pre-heat product drums etc). Also by using a Kecol Articulated Powerprime system, for multi-drum emptying, a world wide cosmetic manufacturing company – with its Head Quarters in Paris - has meant they have managed to increase their production, without adding extra shifts.

Our aim is to provide the best product & service for today’s demanding market and we look forward with pride, to the different challenges that arise in this today’s ever-changing market place.

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