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  • Supplier of Vibration Test Systems
  • Merged with Gearing & Watson in 2006
  • Europes largest supplier
  • Supplier of Vibration Test Systems
  • Merged with Gearing & Watson in 2006
  • Europes largest supplier
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Data Physics (UK) Ltd

Data Physics supplies high performance products and solutions in vibration test and signal processing to the noise and vibration community supplying and supporting a full range of Dynamic Signal Analysers, Electrodynamic vibration systems, Vibration Controllers and High Intensity Acoustic Noise test systems.

With its headquarters in San Jose USA, direct offices in UK, France, Germany, India and China and distributors covering the rest of the world we are an efficient highly motivated dynamic company with a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction.

SignalCalc Dynamic Signal Analysers
Data Physics SignalCalc Dynamic Signal Analysers provide high precision measurements in the time, frequency, amplitude and order domains.

Our range of vibration analysers and hardware platforms span the pocket-sized Quattro running SignalCalc ACE software to the powerful Abacus based systems running the full SignalCalc suite of signal processing application software. These platforms integrate with your preferred computer platform to configure a state-of-the-art solution for dynamic signal analysis applications.

SignalCalc Dynamic Signal Analysers offer consistency of the intuitive user interface design across all products, they connect seamlessly across networks and applications with full industry compatibility of data and results to exchange with other design and analysis programs.

SignalForce Shakers and Accessories
Data Physics SignalForce vibration test systems include vibration shaker systems, power amplifiers, slip tables, head expanders and custom fixtures. Data Physics is an ideal partner for nearly any vibration testing application.

SignalForce products are manufactured in the USA or the UK by Data Physics. Data Physics has built its strength in vibration tests system by acquisition of leading companies in the industry. In the UK, Gearing & Watson Electronics was acquired to provide a full range of air cooled shaker systems. In USA, Ling Electronics was acquired to provide higher end air cooled systems and high powered water cooled systems.

Product service is provided from both direct and partner service centres located around the globe, with direct service centres on both coasts of the USA, the UK, China, and India.

SignalStar Vibration Controllers
SignalStar vibration controllers combine Data Physics innovative control algorithms with Data Physics powerful distributed DSP hardware in an integrated solution. Software and hardware work together to provide the fastest loop speeds and stable control on both electrodynamic and hydraulic shakers available in the industry.

Data Physics SignalStar Vibration Controllers are the industry standard in vibration control, they combine the power of the Abacus distributed DSP architecture and proven control algorithms delivering uncompromised control performance. All SignalStar controllers deliver greater than 120 dB of dynamic range and control frequency ranges up to 20kHz. The SignalStar Matrix controller extends this performance to very high channel counts (1000+ channels) and control of one to sixteen shakers simultaneously.

The SignalStar family of vibration control systems provides a complete solution for all vibration testing needs. From the entry level SignalStar Scalar to the power and flexibility of SignalStar Vector and on to the high channel count multi-shaker SignalStar Matrix system.

SignalSound High Intensity and Underwater Acoustics
The SignalSound family encompasses products and services for specialised acoustic applications including: High intensity acoustic tests and Underwater acoustic noise generation.

High intensity acoustic tests are generally performed in a reverberant acoustic test facility (RATF) or a progressive wave tube (PWT). These test facilities are used to generate very high sound pressure levels for testing aerospace components. Rocket and aircraft noise can induce high vibration levels with consequential damage to structures and components. Acoustic excitation cannot generally be simulated using electrodynamic or hydraulic shakers. Engineers rely on RATFs and PWTs to generate the proper acoustic excitation.

SignalSound underwater acoustic test systems address specialist requirements for sonar range calibration, ship signature generation and mine detonation. SignalSound underwater noise sources combined with custom designed signal generation systems generate the acoustic signature normally associated with submarines or surface targets.

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