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V & F Sheet Metal Co. Ltd

  • From one off's to high volume presswork.
  • Bespoke fabrications.
  • Sheet metal fabrication, subcontract engineering
  • From CNC punching and bending to CAD/CAM.
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V & F Sheetmetal Co. Ltd

V & F Sheet Metal are based in Hampshire, UK company producing sheet metal fabrications, sheet metal work and subcontract engineering, providing manufacturing services from CNC laser cutting, CNC punching, CNC bending, welding and power presswork for the electronics, lighting, heating, audio industries and many other industry sectors in the UK. Using the power and efficiency of CAD/CAM and 3D software modelling V & F Sheet Metal we can take your sheet metal design ideas and make them a reality for you in a short time.

Established in 1985, they have the ability to handle engineering sheet metal projects from one off newly designed prototypes; small and large batches of sheet metal components through to higher volume bespoke press work. V and F Sheet Metal are flexible enough to offer you the complete subcontract engineering service for your growing company needs. They pride themselves on offering their customers free design advice to help reduce the cost of manufacturing their sheet metal fabrications enabling them to be more competitive, sell more products and come back again and again.

V & F Sheet Metal support a vast range of manufacturing companies in the UK but they specialise in lighting for the UK. Whether it is bespoke reflector assemblies, LED gear trays, heat sinks, modular fittings, floodlight accessories, gear boxes, stirrups etc. they can help you. There are hundreds of examples of lighting products manufactured using sheet metal fabrications on their website.

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Whether you need sheet metal work manufacturing from just a few samples up to many thousands of components you need a supplier with the flexibility to produce sheet metal work quickly and efficiently.
V & F Sheet Metal with their Trumpf 3030 3KW fibre laser cutting and Trumpf CNC punch presses offer just that service, CNC laser cutting and punching materials from 0.4mm reflector aluminium and tin plated steel up to 6mm thick stainless steel, 6mm thick mild steel and 6mm thick aluminium alloys.

To see the CNC punching machines in action Click Here

Producing hundreds of different sheet metal components every month
V & F Sheet Metal need to be able to change from one sheet metal component type to another in just minutes. Having invested in the best CNC press brakes available for small sheet metal work their Trumpf 7036 CNC press brakes are perfect for a fast moving sub-contract sheet metal working environment.

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V & F Sheet Metal have now grown to a size where they can offer a complete sheet metal fabrication service to their customers in the UK from their 13,000 Sq. Ft. factory based in Fareham, Hampshire. This may include advice on the suitability of sheet metal fabrication designs for manufacturing, sub-assembly work or treatments and finishing to your sheet metal design specification. They are continually investing in the latest CNC equipment (Trumpf manufacturing equipment featuring heavily recently) and CAD/CAM software enabling them to offer the best combination of quality and price to suit your purchasing requirements. They have a company blog on their website where you can view many sheet metal design case studies illustrating some of the modern CNC techniques that can be employed to help reduce your costs.

They have a long history of working with UK based lighting companies to help reduce their sheet metal component costs & improve the quality of their subcontract engineering projects. With many standard CNC punching and CNC bending tools & materials such as reflector aluminium, set-up costs can be kept to a minimum when considering new fabrication projects.

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Continually Investing

V & F Sheet Metal are really pleased to announce that they have invested in a brand new Trumpf 3030 3KW fibre laser cutting machine. This laser cutter was installed during October 2013 and is now working alongside their Trumpf 200 and Trumpf 3000 CNC punch presses enabling them to react even quicker to urgent manufacturing requirements.

For many years they have specialised in CNC punching thin sheet metal work and this new investment in laser cutting will enable them in time to provide a wider cutting service to their existing and new customers with the ability to cut up to 20mm thick mild steel, 15mm thick stainless steel, 15mm thick aluminium, 6mm thick copper and 6mm thick brass sheet and plate.

For more information on their sheet metal cutting capabilities please visit their website.

Bespoke Sheet Metal

Lighting Reflectors, sheet metal modular housings, chassis, gear trays, fibre optics enclosures, LED plates etc for the Lighting Industry in the UK.

   Perforated ventilation grilles for the Heating Industry.
   Perforated speaker grilles for the Audio Industry.
   Front panels, enclosures and housings for the Electronics Industry.
   Many welded sheet metal fabrication assemblies utilising Tig, Mig, Gas, Spot and
      Stud welding.

3D software models of complex sheet metal fabrications and full assemblies can be generated to help eliminate design errors before any sheet metal work is undertaken. 3D and 2D images can then be used to help you visualise your own designs for manufacturing suitability. Where you only have a sample V and F Sheet Metal can take this and produce 2D drawings to work to in their manufacturing plant and for your future reference when placing new orders. These drawings can be output in AutoCAD compatible file formats DWG and DXF. They can also import your 3D data from Autodesk Inventor and Solidworks software to speed up CNC laser cutting, CNC punch press and CNC press brake program generation. 2D developments can be automatically and accurately produced ready for CNC tooling and nesting of our Trumpf CNC punch presses and efficient laser cutting nests.

They believe that Trumpf produce the best CNC punching machine that money can buy for manufacturing CNC punched sheet metal blanks. When this is combined with their Radan CAD/CAM software you have a truly unbeatable combination for manufacturing the best quality sheet metal work at a very competitive UK price. There’s only one way to see how effective this combination can be, ask for a quote and see the benefits you can enjoy for yourself.

V and F Sheet Metal’s Trumpf 7036 CNC press brakes are one of the fastest CNC machines in the world for bending sheet metal components. These brand new CNC bending machines were installed in the summer of 2010 and in the spring of 2011. Both machines benefit from off line CNC programming Trumpf Tru-bend software. The Tru-bend software has the ability to take data both in 3D and 2D formats directly from their customers or from their own Radan 3D modelling system, thus enabling them to check out jobs for bending problems before starting sheet metal production in their factory. Selecting the correct CNC bending tooling and the most efficient bend sequence enables them to reduce manufacturing cycle times and keep your costs down when quoting you for your new sheet metal parts.

V and F Sheet Metal have various sheet metal case study gallery pages on their website where you can view many past projects and a blog with case studies and sheet metal manufacturing ideas. They have several design data pages to help you with your new designs as well as CNC punching tooling which you can use to create a new sheet metal work design knowing that all the features you dimension can be CNC punched without any new tooling costs or drawing updates.

In conclusion, this data page can only be a starting point in showing you all the services they can offer you. Please contact V and F Sheet Metal by phone or visit their website and their engineering team will be pleased to talk through your requirements and start to help you today.

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Trevor/Ray, goods all received and look lovely, some of the neatest/sharpest/near pip free laser cutting I think we have ever had done.

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“Hi Ray Everything just arrived!! Thanks for the quick turnaround you have made a good job of them very pleased we will keep you in mind for all of our other sheet metal works. Thanks

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