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    TOPREGAL UK (Pallet Stackers)

    Topregal is now the UKs go to for material handling products such as pallet trucks, fork lift trucks, electric scissor lifts, electric pallet stackers and more so why not head over to our website to find out more.

    � Pallet Trucks
    � Electric Pallet Stackers
    � Fork Lift Trucks
    � Semi Electric Pallet Stackers
    � Powered Pallet Trucks
    � Electric Pallet Trucks
    � Electric Scissor Lifts

    Pallet Trucks
    Several tonnes of stored items can be moved around your warehouse effortlessly when using a pallet truck and what's more without the back strain normally associated with this line of work.

    Just simply slide the forks under the pallet, quickly pump up the unit and you�re on your way. Once your goods are located in the right place, just simply let the forks down and pull them out from under the pallet, what could be easier and simpler?

    Topregal supplies a range of high quality pallet trucks for various load bearing uses all of which have been manufactured in accordance to all the relevant standards.

    Electric Pallet Stackers / Powered Pallet Trucks
    One of our best selling electric pallet trucks is the HWE15 which runs on a lithium-ion 24v 25Ah rechargeable long life battery and is capable of effortlessly lifting weights of up to an impressive 1500kg.

    Semi-Electric Pallet Stackers
    Where semi-electric pallet stackers are concerned Topregal UKs HSE1000/3 model is guaranteed to tick all of the boxes for your material handling applications but don�t just take our word for it visit our website and take a look at some of the reviews given for this model.

    Electric Scissor Lifts
    Topregal has a great range of electric scissor lifts available ranging from 6m to 10m height capacity enabling personnel to work safely and comfortably both inside and outside.

    The work platforms of these electric scissor lifts have a surface area of 2,100 x 1230mm offering sufficient capacity for two persons, their tools and equipment etc.

    Fork Lift Trucks
    Whether your material handling needs are for loads as small as 400kg or a massive 6,500 kg, Topregal will have the perfect solutions.

    The all new GSE2500/5 forklift truck from SolidHub is the future orientated support for all of your warehouse operations so why not head over to the Topregal online shop to find out more.

    To find out more about Topregal UK and the wide range of material handling solutions we have to offer please visit our website or get in touch to talk to one of our sales team.

    Areas Covered

    Our wide range of handling equipment is available to the following locations and the rest of the UK:

    West Midlands
    Hemel Hempstead
    Stoke on Trent
    Milton Keynes
    M62 corridor
    M4 corridor
    South West
    West Yorkshire
    North East

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    Products and Services

    1. 2 Tonne Pallet Truck
    2. 5 Tonne Pallet Truck
    3. Adjustable Pallet Truck
    4. Adjustable Pallet Trucks
    5. All Terrain Pallet Truck
    6. Budget Pallet Truck
    7. Cheap Hand Pallet Truck
    8. Cheap Hand Pallet Trucks
    9. Cheap High Lift Pallet Truck
    10. Cheap High Lift Pallet Trucks
    11. Cheap Pallet Truck
    12. Cheap Pallet Trucks
    13. Electric Forklift Truck
    14. Electric Hanging Scales
    15. Electric High Lift Pallet Trucks
    16. Electric Pallet Stacker
    17. Electric Pallet Stackers
    18. Electric Pallet Truck
    19. Electric Pallet Trucks
    20. Electric Rough Terrain Pallet Trucks
    21. Electric Scissor Lift
    22. Electric Scissor Lifts
    23. Electronic Forklift Truck
    24. Euro Pallet Truck
    25. Folding Pallet Truck
    26. Fork Lift Trucks
    27. Forklift Truck
    28. Forklift Trucks
    29. Fully Electric Powered Pallet Trucks
    30. Galvanised Hand Pallet Trucks
    31. Galvanised Manual Pallet Trucks
    32. Galvanised Pallet Trucks
    33. Hand Pallet Truck
    34. Hand Pallet Truck Scales
    35. Hand Pallet Trucks
    36. Hanging Scales
    37. Heavy Duty Hand Pallet Trucks
    38. Heavy Duty Mobile Scissor Lift
    39. Heavy Duty Pallet Truck
    40. Heavy Duty Pallet Trucks
    41. Heavy Duty Scissor Lift Tables
    42. Heavy Duty Scissor Lifts
    43. Hi Jacker Pallet Truck
    44. Hi-Lift Pallet Truck
    45. High Lift Pallet Mover
    46. High Lift Pallet Truck
    47. High Lift Pallet Trucks
    48. High Lift Scissor Lift Tables
    49. High Lift Scissor Lifts
    50. Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck
    51. Hydraulic Pallet Stacker
    52. Hydraulic Pallet Stackers
    53. Hydraulic Pallet Truck
    54. Hydraulic Pallet Trucks
    55. Hydraulic Scissor Lifts
    56. Industrial Hanging Scales
    57. JCB Pallet Truck
    58. Lift Pallet Truck
    59. Lift Pallet Trucks
    60. Light Duty Pallet Truck
    61. Long Pallet Trucks
    62. Low Profile Pallet Truck
    63. Low Profile Pallet Trucks
    64. Manual Pallet Truck
    65. Manual Pallet Trucks
    66. Mechanical Pallet Truck
    67. Mini Pallet Truck
    68. Motorised Pallet Truck
    69. Motorized Pallet Truck
    70. Nylon Pallet Truck Rollers
    71. Pallet Stackers
    72. Pallet Truck
    73. Pallet Trucks
    74. Pallet Trucks - Hi-Lift
    75. Pallet Trucks - Specialist
    76. Pallet Trucks - Standard
    77. Power Pallet Truck
    78. Power Pallet Trucks
    79. Powered Pallet Truck
    80. Powered Pallet Trucks
    81. Premium Pallet Trucks
    82. Printers Pallet Truck
    83. Quicklift Pallet Truck
    84. Rough Terrain Hand Pallet Truck
    85. Rough Terrain Pallet Truck
    86. Scissor Lift
    87. Scissor Lift Pallet Truck
    88. Scissor Lift Trucks
    89. Scissor Lifts
    90. Semi Electric Pallet Stackers
    91. Stainless Steel Pallet Trucks
    92. Static Scissor Lift
    93. Vertical Scissor Lift

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