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  • ISO 13485 Medical Devices accreditation
  • Fully validated EN14644 class 7 cleanrooms
  • Concept to completion project solution
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    Quality Assurance
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    TEX Plastics Ltd

    TEX PLASTICS specialise in the development and manufacturing of medical devices, components and packaging. For component assembly and injection moulding of non-sterile medical products we have extensive class 7 cleanroom manufacturing cell capability as well as the following:

    - ISO 13485 Accreditation for Medical Devices
    - EN14655 class 7 (10,000) fully validated cleanrooms
    - Clamp force of up to 300 tonnes
    - Concept to completion project solution including moulding & assembly

    When it comes to producing plastic injection moulded parts and housings for the medical devices sector, TEX PLASTICS have carved out a niche in the market. We have a continually growing reputation for helping medical device manufacturers develop concept projects. TEX PLASTICS help from the prototype stages through to low volume production runs and beyond.

    UKAS ISO 13485 Medical Devices

    ISO 13485 is the medical industries optimal medical device standard used to ensure all medical devices meet customer needs and the proper compliance laws.

    We are assessed and registered by NQA operating a UKAS ISO 13485 (Medical Devices) management system. When developing plastic injection moulding and assembly solutions for medical device manufacturers this accreditation enables us to consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements.

    Concept to Completion Project Solution

    Our Barnstaple facility has a highly credible and long standing history in moulding for the medical sector. We have developed a niche in the lower volume, concept to completion, medical device plastic moulding using our extensive white room moulding and fully validated EN14644 class 7 (10,000) expanded clean room manufacturing cell.

    Our process is proven to help manufacturers of medical devices map their critical path for both Alpha and Beta prototype pages.

    Ultra-thin Moulding

    With a change of polymer and a redesign of tooling, ultra-thin mouldings are able to hit clients usability requirements. Not only does ultra-thin moulding result in lighter products and the reduction of packaging costs, it also provides significantly improved performance (usability) which is the most important factor of all and when it comes to high pressure environments like an operating theatre, every second counts.

    Switching to ultra-thin moulding for medial devices can maximise the efficiency of a treatment room or theatre and save lives.

    Cleanroom Injection Moulding

    As specialists in the design and manufacture of medical devices, components and packaging Tex Plastics has a Class 7 Cleanroom for injection moulding and parts assemble including non-sterile products.

    Quality Control

    From pre-production approval, quality and lab-testing through to 5S implementation in the production environment, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality management our quality control systems are in place to ensure our customers plastic components are manufactured from the highest quality materials and made to the closest tolerances.

    Cleanroom Plastic Injection Moulding


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