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Telonic Instruments Ltd

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Wokingham Berkshire
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  • Laboratory Power Supplies, both AC and DC.
  • Range of Electrical Safety Testers.
  • Supplying since 1986.
  • UK Supplier
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    Telonic Instruments Ltd

    Test Instruments

    Telonic Instruments have been supplying a wide range of Laboratory Power Supplies, both AC and DC, a range of Electrical Safety Testers, general purpose test equipment, and a range of RF Filters and Attenuators to the electronics industry, research establishments & universities since 1968. Telonic is an ISO9001 Registered company.

    AC Power Supplies
    The Kikusui AC Power Supplies are of linear amplifier design and PWM Types with outputs up to 18kVA depending on model. In addition to variable frequency, variable voltage outputs the AC Power Supplies can simulate AC supply line faults and have a large number of measurement functions including current harmonics.

    DC Power Supplies
    The Kikusui, Lab-Power and Delta Elektronika, Laboratory DC Supplies sold by Telonic have power outputs up to 150kW with voltages up to 4000V, and includes linear and switch mode designs. Telonic also supplies Electronic Loads for power supply testing. These can operate in static or dynamic modes and can simulate rapidly changing current demands on power supplies.

    Electrical Safety Testers
    Electrical Safety Testers from Kikusui are another Telonic specialty. Concentrating mainly on production test applications Telonic supplies AC and DC Flash Testers, Insulation Testers and earth Bond Testers. Manual and programmable versions are available.

    RF Filters and Attenuators
    Telonic can also supply a range of RF Filters and Attenuators. The RF Filter range encompasses custom built fixed low pass and bandpass types and also tunable bandpass and notch filters. Frequency range is up to 12GHz for fixed filters and 4 GHz for tunable.

    Many of the products in the Telonic range are also available for hire:

    - Power Supplies
    - Bench Power Supplies
    - Laboratory Power Supplies
    - Programmable power Supplies
    - High Voltage Power Supplies
    - Bipolar Power Supplies
    -Dual Tracking Power Supplies
    - Power Supply Hire
    - Power Supply Calibration
    - AC Power Supplies
    - Frequency Converters
    - Cycle converters
    - 60Hz
    - 400Hz
    - 3 Phase
    - Single Phase
    - DC Electronic Loads
    - Dynamic Loads
    - Resistive Loads
    - Power supply testers
    - DC Load Banks
    - AC Electronic Load
    - Electrical Safety Testers
    - Electrical Safety Testers Hire
    - Withstanding Voltage Testers
    - Flash Testers
    - Hipot Testers
    - Earth Bond Testers
    - Insulation Resistance Testers
    - Leakage Current Testers
    - Kikusui
    - Delta Elektronika
    - Lab-Power
    - Sorenson
    - Rf Filters
    - RF Attenuators
    - Diesel Engine Smoke Meters
    - Fuel Cell Testers
    - Power and Harmonic Analyser
    - Programmable Electronic Loads

    Opening Hours

    Monday 09:00 to 17:30
    Tuesday 09:00 to 17:30
    Wednesday 09:00 to 17:30
    Thursday 09:00 to 17:30
    Friday 09:00 to 17:30
    Saturday Closed
    Sunday Closed

    Accepted Payment Methods

    Visa Debit
    Postal Orders
    American Express

    Payment Terms

    Pro-Forma 30 days
    Key Personnel
    Doug Lovell
    Doug Lovell Sales Manager
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    Products and Services

    1. 12V DC Power Supply
    2. 24V DC Power Supply
    3. 4 Quadrant Power Supplies
    4. AC DC Power Supply
    5. AC Electronic Load
    6. AC Inverters
    7. AC Power Supplies
    8. AC Power Supply
    9. AC To DC Power Supply
    10. AC-DC High Power Inverter
    11. AC-DC Power Supply
    12. AC/DC Power Supply
    13. ACDC Power Supply
    14. Active Probes
    15. Aerospace Electronic Components
    16. Aircraft Power Supply
    17. Analogue Oscilloscopes
    18. Antenna
    19. Antenna Accessories
    20. Antennas
    21. Automotive Oscilloscope
    22. Battery Discharge Testers
    23. Battery Testers
    24. Bench Power Supplies
    25. Bipolar Power Supplies
    26. Calibration
    27. Calibration Equipment Hire
    28. Climate Data Loggers
    29. Cloud Data Loggers
    30. Cycle Converters
    31. Data Acquisition
    32. Data Acquisition Accessories
    33. Data Loggers
    34. Data Loggers Temperature
    35. DC AC Inverters
    36. DC Electronic Loads
    37. DC Load Banks
    38. DC Power Supply
    39. DC Power Supply Unit
    40. DCDC Power Supply
    41. Diesel Engine Smoke Meters
    42. Digital Multimeter(Slot #2)
    43. Digital Multimeters
    44. Digital Oscilloscopes
    45. Discontinued Electronic Components
    46. Dual Tracking Power Supplies
    47. Dynamic Loads
    48. Earth Bond Testers
    49. Electrical Safety Testers
    50. Electrical Safety Testers Hire
    51. Electrical Safety Testing
    52. Electrical Test Equipment Hire
    53. Electronic Component
    54. Electronic Component Design
    55. Electronic Component Distributor
    56. Electronic Component Distributors
    57. Electronic Component Kitting
    58. Electronic Component Manufacturer
    59. Electronic Component Manufacturers
    60. Electronic Component Repairs
    61. Electronic Component Sourcing
    62. Electronic Component Specialist
    63. Electronic Component Supplier
    64. Electronic Component Suppliers
    65. Electronic Components
    66. Electronic Components Distributor
    67. Electronic Components Distributors
    68. Electronic Components Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment
    69. Electronic Test Equipment Hire
    70. EMC
    71. EMC Filters
    72. EMC Hire
    73. Equipment Hire
    74. Flash Testers
    75. Frequency Converters
    76. Frequency Inverters
    77. Fuel Cell Impedance Meter
    78. Fuel Cell Testers
    79. Function Generators
    80. Hand Soldering
    81. Harmonic And Flicker Analyzer
    82. High Power Supplies
    83. High Voltage Power Supplies
    84. Hipot Testers
    85. Insulation Resistance Testers
    86. Laboratory Power Supplies
    87. LCR Meter
    88. Leakage Current Testers
    89. Linear Power Supplies
    90. Low Cost Oscilloscopes
    91. Mains Soldering Irons
    92. Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
    93. Multi Channel Electronic Loads
    94. Multimeters
    95. Near Field Probes
    96. Oscilloscope
    97. Oscilloscopes
    98. PC Oscilloscopes
    99. PCB Soldering
    100. Power And Harmonic Analyzer
    101. Power Line Abnormality Testers
    102. Power Meters
    103. Power Supplies
    104. Power Supply Calibration
    105. Power Supply Hire
    106. Power Supply Testers
    107. Programmable Power Supplies
    108. Programmable Electronic Load
    109. Programmable Electronic Loads
    110. Pure Sine Inverter
    111. Resistive Loads
    112. RF Amplifiers
    113. RF Antennas
    114. RF Attenuators
    115. Rf Cable
    116. RF Cable Adapters
    117. Rf Cables
    118. RF Capacitors
    119. RF Components
    120. RF Connectors
    121. RF Filters
    122. RF Hire
    123. RF Instrument Hire
    124. Rf Modulator
    125. RF PCBs
    126. RF Shielded Doors
    127. RF Shielded Enclosure
    128. RF Shielding
    129. RF Surge Protectors
    130. RF Testing
    131. RF Transformer
    132. Single Phase
    133. Single Phase To 3 Phase
    134. Single Phase UPS
    135. Soldering
    136. Soldering Accessories
    137. Soldering Iron
    138. Soldering Iron Spares
    139. Soldering Iron Stand
    140. Soldering Irons
    141. Soldering Kit
    142. Spectrum Analyser
    143. Spectrum Analysers
    144. Spectrum Analyzers
    145. Tem Cells
    146. Test & Measurement
    147. Test & Measurement Equipment
    148. Test And Measurement
    149. Test And Measurement Equipment
    150. Test And Measurement Oscilloscopes
    151. Test And Measurement Systems
    152. Test Instruments
    153. Test Probes
    154. Three Phase
    155. Three Phase UPS
    156. UPS Three Phase
    157. USB Oscilloscopes
    158. Withstanding Voltage Testers


    ISO 9001 Quality management systems ISO 1:2002 Geometrical Product Specifications (GPS) Standard reference temperature for geometrical product specification and verification

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