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  • Laboratory Power Supplies, both AC and DC.
  • Range of Electrical Safety Testers.
  • Supplying since 1986.
  • Laboratory Power Supplies, both AC and DC.
  • Range of Electrical Safety Testers.
  • Supplying since 1986.
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Telonic Instruments Ltd

Test Instruments

Telonic Instruments have been supplying a wide range of Laboratory Power Supplies, both AC and DC, a range of Electrical Safety Testers, general purpose test equipment, and a range of RF Filters and Attenuators to the electronics industry, research establishments & universities since 1968. Telonic is an ISO9001 Registered company.

AC Power Supplies
The Kikusui AC Power Supplies are of linear amplifier design and PWM Types with outputs up to 18kVA depending on model. In addition to variable frequency, variable voltage outputs the AC Power Supplies can simulate AC supply line faults and have a large number of measurement functions including current harmonics.

DC Power Supplies
The Kikusui, Lab-Power and Delta Elektronika, Laboratory DC Supplies sold by Telonic have power outputs up to 150kW with voltages up to 4000V, and includes linear and switch mode designs. Telonic also supplies Electronic Loads for power supply testing. These can operate in static or dynamic modes and can simulate rapidly changing current demands on power supplies.

Electrical Safety Testers
Electrical Safety Testers from Kikusui are another Telonic specialty. Concentrating mainly on production test applications Telonic supplies AC and DC Flash Testers, Insulation Testers and earth Bond Testers. Manual and programmable versions are available.

RF Filters and Attenuators
Telonic can also supply a range of RF Filters and Attenuators. The RF Filter range encompasses custom built fixed low pass and bandpass types and also tunable bandpass and notch filters. Frequency range is up to 12GHz for fixed filters and 4 GHz for tunable.

Many of the products in the Telonic range are also available for hire:


- Power Supplies
- Bench Power Supplies
- Laboratory Power Supplies
- Programmable power Supplies
- High Voltage Power Supplies
- Bipolar Power Supplies
-Dual Tracking Power Supplies
- Power Supply Hire
- Power Supply Calibration
- AC Power Supplies
- Frequency Converters
- Cycle converters
- 60Hz
- 400Hz
- 3 Phase
- Single Phase
- DC Electronic Loads
- Dynamic Loads
- Resistive Loads
- Power supply testers
- DC Load Banks
- AC Electronic Load
- Electrical Safety Testers
- Electrical Safety Testers Hire
- Withstanding Voltage Testers
- Flash Testers
- Hipot Testers
- Earth Bond Testers
- Insulation Resistance Testers
- Leakage Current Testers
- Kikusui
- Delta Elektronika
- Lab-Power
- Sorenson
- Rf Filters
- RF Attenuators
- Diesel Engine Smoke Meters
- Fuel Cell Testers
- Power and Harmonic Analyser
- Programmable Electronic Loads

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ISO 9001 Quality management systems

ISO 1:2002 Geometrical Product Specifications (GPS) Standard reference temperature for geometrical product specification and verification

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Doug Lovell
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