Techniheat Plant Services Ltd

Techniheat Plant Services Ltd

Priory House, Ellesmere Avenue
Stockport Cheshire

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    Techniheat Plant Services Ltd

    Specialists In Commercial and Industrial Heating

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    TPS offers a complete commercial and industrial heating service to customers requiring a highly reliable company and whose main focus is always on the customer�s needs. Our professional services also include air conditioning, refrigeration, water risk services and gas tightness testing to name but a few.

    Emergency Help
    TPS operates a highly efficient 24 hour emergency service so if you need help right away we will be there in no time at all and get your system up and running as it should be.

    The skilled and highly experienced engineers at TPS are able to carry out all types of repairs, maintenance and installations covering all aspects of commercial and industrial heating applications.


    TPS provide commercial and industrial heating services to a diverse range of sectors. Each service we provide is tailored to our clients requirements.

    Sectors Served:

    ...� Hotels
    ...� Schools & Colleges
    ...� Offices
    ...� Factories
    ...� Shopping Centres & Retail Outlets
    ...� Nursing Homes
    ...� Hospitals
    ...� Golf Clubs

    Commercial & Industrial Heating Systems

    If you have a commercial grade boiler at your premises you need a specialist engineer with the right skills and qualifications to carry out any repairs or maintenance to your system.

    We have had thirty years of experience in servicing and repairing commercial grade boilers which many standard engineers do not.

    The engineers at Techniheat have both the qualifications in safety and skills to carry out a wide range of repairs and will make sure your commercial grade boiler is working safely and efficiently.

    Three good reasons for using TPS for your commercial and industrial heating services:

    ...� Fully Qualified
    ...� Available 24/7
    ...� Established & Highly Reliable

    Commercial Boiler, Burner & Warm Air Heater Services

    We can carry our all aspects of maintenance, repairs and installations to all makes and models of commercial gas, oil and LPG boilers so whether you need an individual appliance repaired or a complete system installation TPS is only a phone call away.

    Our team aim to answer every single phone call within three to four rings. One of our engineers will pick up the phone and get your problems sorted straight away.

    We even offer advice over the phone to solve your problem saving you time and money. In fact many of our customers are able to problem solve when given the right professional advice.

    Boiler, Burner & Warm Air Heater Services

    Although the main reason for regularly servicing and maintaining your boiler is a legal obligation another important reason is to save money.

    At TPS we are able to provide the industrial, commercial and hotel sectors with a comprehensive range of cost effective services including increasing the efficiency of your boiler.

    We can also provide you with a planned service program to maintain this efficiency so why not give us a call to find out more.

    Water Risk Services

    We provide a complete water treatment service.

    Starting with a legionella risk assessment we can follow up with a complete prevention service including regular water monitoring and paperwork to satisfy the ACOP L8 Spec.

    Our services include Legionella Pneumophila risk assessments to ACOP L8, tank cleaning and chlorination, steam boiler treatment, cooling water treatment, closed circuit treatment, chemical cleaning of pipe work, acid de-scales, degreasing and passivation of stainless steel and microbiological analysis at a UKAS accredited laboratory.

    This is only a small sample of the wide range of professional and highly efficient services TPS is able to provide so to find out more please visit our website or get in touch, thank you.

    TPS Services

    ...� Boiler, Burner & Warm Air Heating
    ...� Commercial Boiler Services
    ...� Heating System Flushing, Treatment, Efficient Water Treatment
    ...� Gas Tightness Testing
    ...� Water Risk Assessments
    ...� Wet System Radiators & Wall Heaters
    ...� Air Conditioning
    ...� Refrigeration
    ...� Pressurisation Unit Services
    ...� Large Domestic House Boilers & Heating
    ...� Pump Services

    Opening Hours

    Monday 24 hrs
    Tuesday 24 hrs
    Wednesday 24 hrs
    Thursday 24 hrs
    Friday 24 hrs
    Saturday 24 hrs
    Sunday 24 hrs

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