Technical Absorbents

Technical Absorbents

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  • Manufacturer of (SAF) Super Absorbent Fibre
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    Technical Absorbents

    Super Absorbent Fibre

    Technical Absorbents has carved a unique position for itself in the market of Super Absorbent Fibre (SAF) products and now provides one of the most comprehensive ranges of absorbent solutions for a variety of applications.

    Technical Absorbents has also developed a range of SAF containing converted products including nonwoven fabrics, yarns and tapes which can be supplied from our toll converters.

    With its own needlefelt / needlepunch development / pilot line, TAL is able to manufacture fabrics of up to 2.0 metres wide. These materials can be blended with a whole range of other types of fibre to produce an equally wide range of fabric weights, typically between 100-1,000gsm.

    We are also able to offer a short order trial run service where commercially viable.

    SAF (Super Absorbent Fibre)
    SAF is a fibre with super absorbent properties. White and odourless, it can be produced in a range of absorbency grades, staple lengths and decitex. The fibre is made utilising a unique process by Technical Absorbents Ltd. The manufacturing process involves spinning, drying and cutting, before the fibres are cross-linked to become super absorbent. Finally, the fibres are conditioned to meet customers required moisture levels and packaged into 250kg airtight bales for despatch.

    The core function of SAF is to absorb. The fibres can absorb up to 200 times their own weight in water and 60 times their own weight in saline, extremely quickly, and absorption rates can be tailored during the manufacturing process.

    SAF can be processed with other staple fibres and converted into a range of nonwoven fabrics. Longer staple fibres can also be spun into yarns, which can then be further processed into woven fabrics or net structures.

    SAF technology is already widely used as a super absorbent component in diverse range of products, from wound care and disposable hygiene to food packaging and cables.

    A range of our super absorbent fabrics are available to purchase in sample trial quantities at our online shop.

    SAF Fabrics
    Needlefelt (Needlepunch)
    We have our own development/commercial needlefelt line and can produce fabrics up to 2.0 metres wide. SAF can be blended with a wide range of other fibre types to produce specialist fabrics in the perfect environment. Webs containing up to 80% SAF can be produced at a wide range of fabric weights, typically between 150-1,000gsm. Short order trial runs can be facilitated where commercially viable.

    SAF is routinely processed on all commercial air-laid production equipment. SAF short staple grades (6 mm) are typically blended with wood pulp and thermal bondable fibre. Airlaid webs within excess of 80% SAF content can be achieved at fabric weights of approximately 50-1,000gsm.

    We have recently launched a number of new low basis weight carded fabrics, ranging from 20-80gsm. These are cost-effective thinner fabrics that still provide high levels of absorbency.

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