TCS Biosciences Ltd

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  • Manufacturer & distributor of laboratory reagents
  • Test kits and quality control reagents
  • For Clinical, Pharmaceutical, Food & Water sectors
  • Manufacturer & distributor of laboratory reagents
  • Test kits and quality control reagents
  • For Clinical, Pharmaceutical, Food & Water sectors
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TCS Biosciences Ltd

Laboratory Reagents

Manufacturer and Distributor of Laboratory Reagents & Test Kits

Manufacturer and supplier of laboratory reagents, test kits and quality control reagents to market sectors such as pharmaceutical, food, water sciences and clinic.

With over fifty years of experience and as one of the leading players in the UK Water Industry TCS Biosciences Ltd still continues to build on its already large presence and vast portfolio in the above market sectors.

Your Bioscience Supply Partner for Life!
Our main focus is in the continuing development of new products and technologies. We also specialise in certain commercial collaborations by providing companies access to our technical and marketing expertise by assisting them with their own development of products for this specialised market.

Our special expertise lies in the following:

    • Microbiology Testing
    • Freeze Drying
    • Sterile Fill Solutions
    • Marketing such as Market Assessments, Product Trials and Product Launches
    • Distribution Capabilities
    • Contract Manufacturing & Packing

We are able to supply a vast range of pharmaceutical products including sterile filtered serum for cell structure for microbiology procedures and diagnostic kits.

These include:

    • Human Serum & Plasma
    • Donor Horse (Equine) Serum
    • Fetal Bovine Serum
    • Bovine Serum
    • BSA - Bovine Serum Albumin

TCS offers a range of high quality clinical products for areas including microbiology, serology, haematology, histopathology, immunology and cellular pathology.

Donor Animal Blood - Culture Discs - Dyes & Stains - Sickle Check Test Kits - Diagnostic Test Kits - Serology Reagents - Lectins and Lectin Conjugates - Histopathology Products.

Food & Industrial
The 'Selectrol' range of micro-organisms from TCS are endorsed by the PHE Culture Collections, Compact Dry chromogenic media plates and other microbiological reagents.

We are also able to supply a range of dipslides for the monitoring of work surfaces and other fluids for bacterial contamination.

We are Europe’s leading distributor of Cryptosporidium and Giardia related products including reagents and equipment.

The semi-automated IMS Isolate Kit from TCS allows users to reduce hands-on time and standardising the bead collection process for the detection of Cryptosporidium.

Contract Manufacturing
Over the years TCS Biosciences has carried out a vast range of processes and procedures which has allowed us to develop new skills.

These unique experiences has given us the expertise and necessary skills to provide a full contract manufacturing service for vitro diagnostics kits and associated kit components.

Our key IVD Contract Manufacturing service includes:

    • Custom Chemical & Buffer Production
    • Aliquoting/Final Packaging
    • Bulk Reagents/Dyes & Stains
    • Custom Production/Manipulation of Animal Blood, Proteins and Serum
    • Human Serum Positive and Negative Control Matrices
    • Custom Media Files
    • Custom Production of Micro-Organisms in the `Selectrol` Format

To find out more about TCS Biosciences Ltd please do not hesitate to visit the main website which also contains product guides, technical downloads and certification for our quality control system.


ISO 9001 Quality management systems

ISO 14001 Environmental management

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Key Personnel

Hannah Clements

Hannah Clements
Marketing Assistant

Tel: 01296 711259

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