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Task Lighting

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    'Leading Suppliers of Task Lighting and Workplace Illumination to Industry'

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    Task Lighting

    Task Lighting

    As an established supplier of task and workshop lighting `Task Lighting` offers one of the most extensive ranges of waterproof and dustproof lighting suitable for a whole range of harsh environment applications.

    Basically the range includes halogen lighting, LED lighting and fluorescent lighting for specific applications available in either mains or with low voltage fittings and transformers.

    We also supply sealed tube lighting products with either linear or compact tubes and external or internal ballasts along with a vast range of LED lighting.

    All of our products are supplied by some of the industry�s leading manufacturers including Westelecttric, CCEA, Jarrer and Techmalux.

    Our Product Lines Include

    ��� � Tubular
    ��� � Halogen
    ��� � LED
    ��� � Flood Lighting
    ��� � Hand Lamps
    ��� � Magnifiers
    ��� � Spare Parts
    ��� � Accessories

    Despite fluorescent lamps being more costly than normal incandescent lamps they are actually seven times more efficient with a comparable light output but are less than that of a typical LED bulb.

    Task Lighting offers a range of tubular fluorescent tubes from leading manufacturers including Techmalux and Westelecttric.

    More information about all tubular lighting products from Task Lighting maybe accessed by visiting our website where you'll find a number of PDF documents containing all of the relevant data required.

    Halogen lamps are incandescent lamps that run at higher temperatures than standard gas filled lamps only they produce light of a higher luminous efficacy and colour temperature.

    We offer range of quality halogen lighting products including flexible lighting, flood lighting and hand lamps all of which more information may be found on our website.

    LEDs are available across the visible, infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths and have a very high brightness.

    Today LEDs are powerful enough for a wide range of room lighting applications including both general and special purpose lighting. They also have a longer life expectancy than other lighting systems making them well suited for a vast range of task lighting projects.

    Opening Hours

    Monday 08:00 to 16:30
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    Saturday Closed
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    Pro-Forma 30 days
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