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Rheintacho UK Ltd (formerly Foundrometers Instrumentation Ltd)

  • 90 yrs manufacturing tachometers and revolution counters
  • Rotation & revolution measurement systems and instruments
  • Leading manufacturer of tachometers and stroboscopes
  • Committed to excellence


Enterprise Court, Pit Lane
LS25 4BU

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Leading Manufacturer of Stroboscopes, Tachometers & More

We have been developing and manufacturing a wide range of measurement instruments since 1916, always with an emphasis on quality and durability. As our products remain in use throughout the world we continue to support our customers with spares, repairs and replacements even if they were originally produced by another company which may long since have closed their operations.

We have a strong emphasis on quality, not just in our products but our customer relations also. All of our major customers have been with us for many years, in fact the customer who sent us our first order back in 1919 still order from us on a regular basis.

In 2001 we joined with Rheintacho GmbH to create one of the largest rotational speed measurement manufacturers in the world. Rheintacho bring 100 years of additional expertise, especially in the field of non-contact sensors and stroboscopes.

As a consequence, our expanded range now covers a wide selection of products including instruments and sensors for the measurement, indication and control of rotational speed together with a range of stroboscopes for quality control and maintenance.

Electrical/ Digital Tachometers

The electrical and digital tachometers from Rheintacho visualise process factors including rotational speed, flow, filling levels, velocity and position which are transferred as normalized voltage or current signals for display. Every model are ergonomic and robust with clear figured displays for ease of use. When used alongside our tacho generators they are capable of providing the user with measurements of up to several hundred meters away for the indicator.

The Rotaro Optical/Mechanical Tachometers from Rheintaco include:

...• Rotaro Hand Held Digital Tachometer
...• Rotaro T Hand Held Digital Tachometer
...• Red Point Hand Held Digital Tachometer
...• Rotaro Te Hand Held Digital Tachometer
...• Rotaro Tw Hand Held Digital Tachometer

All of these models are used for rotational speed, velocity and length. Apart from the Red Point Hand Held model which only uses the optical method all of these devices use two different methods of measurement, one is the non-contact optical and the other is mechanical by using an adaptor and probes. When using the optical method a beam of light is focused onto a reflective tape which is attached to the object being measured. This reflects its speed of rotation with the results showing on the 5-digital LCD.

Depending on the model these innovative hand held digital tachometers can be used in applications to measure welding wire, yarns, cables and different types of rope etc.

Eddy Current Tachometers

Throughout its history Rheintacho has designed and manufactured every possible type of tachometer and today still supply Eddy Current Tachometers so whatever your requirements are we can supply you with a product to meet your exact needs.

Atex Tachometers and Stroboscopes

Rheintacho now offers 4 different ATEX Handheld Tachometers (HTMs). In addition, we have started to expand our ATEX portfolio with an ATEX enclosure including either a 3000 or 5000 LED stationary strobe. Without the use of batteries, the mechanical handheld tachometers have been designed and modified for applications where the risk of explosion in hazardous environments due to particles of gases may be present. This is an ATEX certified version for use in ATEX zones 1 and 2. Zone 1 includes mining applications. The newest addition to our ATEX family is now in the process of being certified. It is the ATEX Pocket Strobe with a very high light intensity for such a compact portable device which is also very easy to use.

Lift Maintenance Mechanical Hand Held Tachometer HTM

The new HTM tachometer is the choice of many industries particularly in the lift maintenance industry where it’s large, clear and easy to read display provides good definition and what's more without the use of batteries. For more information about this model please go to our website.

Non-Contact Rotational Speed Sensors/Non-Contact Sensors

Rheintacho offers a comprehensive range of non-contact sensors which have been created for a wide range of applications including high pressures, temperatures and demanding environments. Rheintacho is also able to provide state of the art custom solutions inexpensively and with fast turnaround times.


Rheintacho also offers a range of Stroboscopes including hand held, single hand use and stationary Stroboscopes.

Notably the RT Strobe Super qbLED is the very first measuring device of its kind to be equipped with an auto-sync laser function which allows for the synchronisation frequency to be determined rapidly without the need for manual adjustment.

Other Strobe models in this range include the RT Pocket Strobe LED T, RT Strobe qbLED, Stationary LED Stroboscopes, Stationary Xenon Stroboscopes, the RT Strobe Pocket Rolux and the Strobe Control Unit which is an easy to handle control centre for all models of strobes.

Digital Indicators

These Digital Indicators have been designed to display five digits to show the frequency present at the sensor input. Our digital indicators can be supplied with 24VDC or 230VAC power supply either pre-programmed or to be programmed by the customer.

Customized manufacture, Instrumentation Spares and Repairs

As one of the few remaining manufacturers, we also reverse engineered instruments where the original product has become obsolete, or the manufacturer has ceased production or servicing.

40% of the staff at our facility in Germany are designers, while our factory in the UK can reverse engineer a single instrument or design new devices from a customer’s concept.

Foundrometers never discontinue instruments without first ensuring that we have a suitable replacement making sure our customers can depend on spares availability forever.

Rheintacho also offers a comprehensive Service and Repair facility to compliment all of the above so for more information about this service please refer to our website or contact us.

If you would like further information about any of our products or services please visit our main website.

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4 Black Aces for Your Speed Detection

RHEINTACHO offers 4 speed sensor series for mobile electric drives

The RHEINTACHO “Black box” Or: Measuring infinite light

In the final assembly of stroboscopes at RHEINTACHO, there is probably a measuring unit which is unique worldwide.

RHEINTACHOS October 2017 Newsletter

The countdown has started - only a few days until PTC Asia kick-off!

The RHEINTACHO Group is expanding RHEINTACHO Vision Systems S.A.S. has been founded

RHEINTACHO Messtechnik GmbH is taking over the activities of ERGECA (RGK Video Systems) from 1 April 2017. The business activities will be transferred to the newly founded company RHEINTACHO Vision Systems S.A.S. with its Headquarters in Buhl, France.

Setting up a Prototype Test Rig for Tacho-Generators

RHEINTACHO Messtechnik Gmbh, with its headquarters in Freiburg, Germany, has grown to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the field of rotational speed measurement. Due to the strong growth in recent years, is has become necessary to transfer device manufacture to the subisidiary company RHEINTACHO UK Ltd. In England for reasons of productivity and space in order to ensure the spare part supply of older devices to our customers. Recognizing the necessity to continue supplying the same high quality, documented long-term tests are carried out.

Portable stroboscope with auto-sync laser function

Innovative extension of RHEINTACHO stroboscope range

Digital hand-tachometers and ATEX certified devices from RHEINTACHO

The reliable and simple recording and monitoring of speed, rotational speed and run length of different materials is part of everyday working life in many companies.

RHEINTACHO strengthens marketing department

Melanie Nübling takes over press communication Since November 2016, Melanie Nübling is strengthening the area of marketing/ sales at the Freiburg- specialist of rotational speed measurement systems.

Safe measurement, indication and control of rotational speed

Application-Report - Service / Maintenance with hand-tachometers: Electric motors

ATEX Strobe Enclosure

The RHEINTACHO Group, has now increased its efforts to provide the ATEX world with more devices which can be used in hazardous areas.

Application-Report - Visualisation of components on vibration test rigs

The customer RMS uses the stroboscope for optical, qualitative analysis of movements with their systems that they.

A world’s first: Portable stroboscope RT STROBE super qbLED

The portable LED stroboscope RT STROBE super qbLED is the perfect supplement to the existing product line.

RHEINTACHO Supports TU Darmstadt Racing Team

Formula Student racing car with rotational speed sensors from RHEINTACHO

RHEINTACHO FE Rotational speed sensor – the one that does it all

The three musketeers of the sensor world: installation-compatible 1-channel, 2-channel, PWM

Application-Report - Validation and Calibration of Welding Equipment

Safe measurement, indication and control of rotational speed

IP69K: FQ rotational speed sensors from RHEINTACHO

With its high IP69K protection class, RHEINTACHO is set to introduce a complete new series of plastic sensors for detecting rotational speed and direction from the second quarter of 2016.

RHEINTACHO Employees Select their Product of the Year

RT STROBE super qbLED – not a laser sword, but a powerful laser strobe!

Digital hand-tachometer rotaro from RHEINTACHO

The flexible measuring instrument

Small and smart – Speed sensor FC from RHEINTACHO

IP69K, precise detection of phase shift, extremely short length

Rheintacho UK supports historic Papplewick Pumping Station in Nottingham

When Ashley Smart, director of the Papplewick Museum contacted Rheintacho in connection with the refurbishment of the Browett & Lindley Compound Steam Engine set...

  • Rotaro Tachometer Family
  • Rotaro Redpoint digital / optical tachometer
  • Rotaro Hand Held Digital Tachometer
  • Range of tachometers
  • 500F handheld mechanical tachometer
  • Electrical indicators - also spares and repairs
  • ATEX handheld Tachometer (HTM)
  • Reconditioned revometers
  • Tachogenerators
  • Handheld Tachometers in metric and imperial
  • Rotational speed sensors
  • Hall sensors
  • STROBE ECO Control
  • Strobe pocket LED - new in March 2017 in ATEX
  • STROBE Control
  • Handheld RT strobe LED
  • Stationary strobes 3000, 5000, 7000, 10000 LED
  • Xenon stationary strobes
  • Rolux Xenon handheld strobe
  • Digital indicator

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By Ashley Smart , Museum Director

Thank you very much for the refurbishment of the tachometers for our 1912 Browett & Lindley Compound Steam Engine set. It was a very thoughtful and generous gesture to waive your fee for the work and it is greatly appreciated by all of us at the Pumping Station. Our volunteer Terry Ward who is over seeing the project is very impressed with the refurbishment and their accuracy.

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Handheld optical tachometer for measuring rotational speed

This handheld optical tachometer provides a non-contact method of measuring rotational speed by using a light beam directed onto a reflective target. The unit displays max/min and average values.

Product Details
Part Number A5-1100
Brand name Redpoint

Mechanical handheld tachometer for rotational/linear speed

A mechanical tachometer for contact measurement of rotational/linear speed. With no requirement for a power supply, the HTM alos has a model available with ATEX Certifcation for hazardous areas

Product Details
Brand name HTM or HTM ATEX

Mechanical tachometer for measurement of rotational speed

Eddy current tachometers can be used to measure and display the rotational speed of a shaft or the effects of the rotation such as flow rate or linear speed. They are connected directly to the shaft

Product Details
Part Number Standard or made to spec

Electrical Indicators for displaying speed and other effects

These indicators use an electrical input signal to display a wide range of required properties. In this way the display can be located remotely from the signal source to provide flexibilty

Product Details
Part Number Std or made to order

Tachogenerators for signal generation from rotating shafts

Tachogenerators are connected directly to a rotating shaft to create an output sugnal for use with indicators or similar equipment. This also allows the indicator to be used without a separate supply

Product Details
Part Number To customer spec

Handheld LED stroboscope for measurement and inspection

This portable stroboscope measures and inspects moving equipment by matching the flash rate to the target speed to create a 'frozen' image. The speed is displayed and close inspection is possible

Product Details
Brand name Pocket LED A4-3000/ LEDT A4-3200

Portable digital contact/non-contact tachometer

This handheld tachometer is used for measuring rotational and linear speed as well as distance in both metric and imperial units. The range includes adaptors for use with items such as wire and fibre

Product Details
Part Number A5-1000
Brand name Rotaro 3.0

Non-contact speed sensors for measuring rotational speed

Speed pickups operate by sensing the movement of toothed wheels and generating an output signal to suit specific requirements. There is an extensive range of standard units and also bespoke sensors

Product Details
Part Number Upon request

Professional quality portable LED stroboscope

The qb LED stroboscope provides unrivalled features and performance. With a high intensity light output and multiple functions this unit is ideal for professional users for measurement and inspection

Product Details
Part Number qb LED A4-3500

Stationary Xenon and LED stroboscopes for inspection

Designed for static applications these are an effective way of inspecting fast moving equipment or processes. The flash rate can be adjusted manually or by connecting the machine directly to the unit

Product Details
Brand name RT LED/RT Xenon