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  • Commenced trading in 1980
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    E Preston (Electrical) Ltd

    Switch Components

    Specialist Electrical Distributors
    We are the largest UK distributor of Arcolectric, Bulgin, Crouzet, Eaton Commercial Controls, Enbray, Schurter, Schaffner and Johnson Electric (including Saia-Burgess & Tok), fully franchised for their complete ranges of connectors, contactors, EMC filters, indicators, neons, relays, switches, micro switches, power supplies, timers and selling at all of the manufacturers� price breaks.

    Additionally, E. Preston are a main distributor of ABB (Asea Brown Boveri Stromberg), Bulgin, Bussman, Cherry, Chint, CML Lighting, Crydom, Cynergy3, Eaton Moeller, EBT-Kingbright, Entrelec, Essen, E-T-A, Finder, Honeywell, Hylec, IDEM, Kraus & Naimer, Littelfuse, Pepperl & Fuchs, Schmersal, Scolmore, Sunon, Tranilamp, Werma, Wieland and ZF components.

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    Switch Components
    We have access to literally hundreds of switch products including rocker & toggle switches, pushbutton switches, rotary switches, slide switches, miniature switches, sub miniature switches, micro switches and reed switches and leading brands like APEM, Arcolectric, C&K, Camdenboss, Cherry, CML, Cynergy3, Eaton Commercial Controls, Essen, IDEC, ITW, Johnson Electric, Omron, Saia-Burgess, Schurter, Tranilamp and ZF, so why not visit our online shop to find out more.

    IEC Connector Supplier
    We are able to supply a wide range IEC approved connectors and associated accessories from fused, flange mount 6.3mm tabs to IEC connector rewirable angled female connectors and many more so please visit our website for the complete list of IEC approved connector products. Some of the brands we provide include Arcolectric, Bulgin, IEC Lock, Schaffner and Schurter.

    Battery Holders
    We supply a wide range of battery holders for an equally wide range of battery sizes from leading brand names such as Bulgin so if you don`t see what you are looking for at our online shop or have a technical question please speak to one of our dedicated team.

    Cables / Wiring / Conduit Systems
    We supply a range of cables, conduit systems, flex circuits and wiring accessories for recognized leading manufacturers including Adaptaflex, Amphenol ICC, Helukabel, MK, Parlex, PMA Cable Management, Scolmore, TE Connectivity, Thomas & Betts, Turck Banner, Walther and Wurth.

    Circuit Protection / EMC Filters
    Circuit breakers, RCDs, RCBOs, electronic timers, thermal circuit breakers, magnetic circuit breakers, hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers, moulded case circuit breakers, filters, EMI filters, fans, earth & lighting protection, surge protection, bus bars, fuses, LV fuse links and LV fusegear, distribution boards and enclosures and more can all be found in supply at our online shop from leading brands like ABB, Bulgin, Bussman, Chint, Heaton Heinemann, ETA, Furse, Littelfuse, MK, Moeller, Schaffner, Schurter, Siemens, Sunon and TE Connectivity so please free to browse.

    Connectors / Plugs / Sockets / Terminals
    E. Preston is a distributer of Amphenol ICC, Bulgin, Camdenboss, Entrelec, Essen, Hylec, IDEC, IEC Lock, Mennekes, Molex, Omron, Salzer, Schurter, TE Connectivity, Thomas & Betts, Turck Banner, Walther and Wieland connectors, and accessories, including appliance couplers, �buccaneer� sealed connectors, hazardous area connectors, general purpose connectors, plugs, sockets, terminals and accessories. If you would like further information about our connector products, please get in touch.

    Control Gear / Motors / Power Supplies / Solenoids
    As an official distributor for electrical products from some of the industry�s leading brands such as ABB, Chint, Crouzet, Finder, Gigavac, Honeywell, IDEC, IDEM, Johnson Motors, Kraus & Naimer, Ledex, Mean Well, Moeller, Salzer, Schmersal, Siemens, TE Connectivity and Telemecanique, E. Preston Electrical offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of Motor Control products to cover a vast range of applications. We supply contactors, manual motor starters, direct online starters, isolators, load break switches, safety switches, control components, overload relays, solenoids and power supplies.

    Panel mounted fuse holders, base mounted fuse holders, inline fuse holders and many more, we have access to hundreds of fuse holder products from leading names such as ABB, Arcolectric, Bulgin, Bussmann, Camdenboss, Essen, Littelfuse and Moeller, so if you are looking for fuseholders you have come to the right place.

    We always maintain the appropriate levels of stock in our warehouse to enable us to provide our customers with products they want, when they want. We offer a large range of indicator products from some of the leading brand: APEM, Arcolectric, Bulgin, Camdenboss, Cherry, CML, Eaton, Essen, Molex, Schurter, Tranilamp, Turck Banner, and Werma some of which include LED�s, neon�s, indicator lights, signal lamp holders, signal towers and vandal resistant indicator lights.

    Keyboards & Mice
    E. Preston can supply you with all your keyboard and mouse requirements from leading brand Cherry, so whether it�s a compact keyboard with built-in touch pad, a wireless multimedia keyboard with and infrared mouse or any other we have the stock levels to make sure we can supply you with the right products.

    Power Inlet Modules
    Power inlet products from brand names such as Arcolectric, Bulgiin, IEC Lock, Schafner and Schurter can be found available at our online shop including power inlet modules, IEC power inlets and power inlet modules.

    For over forty years we have been building strong relationships with a network of leading suppliers such as Crouzet, Crydom, Finder, IDEC, Omron, Salzer and Siemens with access to some of the largest ranges of relays around.

    Products under this category include relays, modular step relays, monostable relays, ultra-slim PCB relays, relay interface modules, miniature PCB / plug-in relays, low profile PCB relays, miniature industrial relays, safety relays, power relays, miniature power relays, relay bases, solid state relays, coil indication & EMC protection, so why not visit our online shop for more information.

    We supply a range of sensors, flow sensors, motion sensors, pressure sensors, proximity & photoelectric sensing for recognized leading manufacturers including BDC Electronics, BEI Sensors, Cynergy3, Honeywell, IDEC, Johnson Electric, Omron, Pepperl+Fuchs, Saia-Burgess, TE Connectivity, Turck Banner and ZF.

    With access to hundreds of timers, counters, monitoring relays and temperature controllers from leading manufacturers such as Crouzet, Crouzet, Essen, Finder and Salzer, E. Preston Electrical can supply you with all of your timer product requirements. You simply click on the link at our online shop to make your purchase.

    The E Preston Manufacturing Partners Include:

    Amphenol ICC
    BDC Electronics
    BEI Sensors
    Eaton Commercial Switches
    Eaton Henemann
    Entrelec (TE Connectivity)

    IEC Lock
    Johnson Electric
    Johnson Motor
    Kraus & Naimer
    Mean Well

    PMA Cable Protection
    TE Connectivity
    Thomas & Betts
    Turck Banner
    Walton Bee
    Wieland Bamberg

    We recognise that business is carried out between people, not companies, so always endeavour to build upon the personal relationships we have established with both customers and suppliers.

    There are no minimum order charges, no request for bank or trade references if you wish to open a credit account for regular business and our telephone lines lead directly into the Sales Office.

    E Preston maintain good stocks, have the expertise to advise on applications or equivalents and can supply "Certificates of Conformance" if required. We at E Preston are registered as a BS EN ISO 9001:2015 stockist and we are also an MOD approved supplier, registration number 3EVP01.

    About Us
    There are no minimum order charges unless imposed upon ourselves by the manufacturer. We are very easy to deal with and will quickly open a credit account for regular business. We have the facility to accept payments by Credit/Debit card. Our telephone lines lead directly into the sales office, thus avoiding possible frustrating delays whilst you wait to be put through to someone. We maintain good stocks, have the expertise to advise on applications or equivalents, keep promises (including phoning back), despatch the same day we receive your order, via 24-hour Parcel force contract, except for out of stock items which are despatched the same day we receive them, and can supply 'Certificates of Conformance' if required. We are registered as a BS EN ISO 9001:2015 stockist, registration number RS 10581. We are also an MOD approved supplier, registration number 3EVP01, and we are happy to identify and equivalent RS and Farnell references.

    All of the national wholesaler groups buy from E Preston, and we ask that you look through the information about our company to check whether you might derive benefit from using us. We will do our utmost to prove our claims.

    Opening Hours

    Monday 08:30 to 17:00
    Tuesday 08:30 to 17:00
    Wednesday 08:30 to 17:00
    Thursday 08:30 to 17:00
    Friday 08:30 to 16:30
    Saturday Closed
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    Products and Services

    1. Aluminium Enclosures
    2. Appliance Couplers
    3. Appliance Switches
    4. Automotive Connectors
    5. Battery Holders
    6. Buccaneer Sealed Connectors
    7. Busbar Equipment Manufacturers
    8. Busbar Systems
    9. Busbars
    10. Cable Connectors
    11. Cable Glands
    12. Cables
    13. Capacitive Proximity Sensors
    14. Ceramic Fuses
    15. Ceramic Terminal Block Connectors
    16. Changeover Switches
    17. Chassis Mount Fuses
    18. Chassis Mounted Fuseholders
    19. Circuit Breakers
    20. Circuit Protection
    21. Circuit Protection Devices
    22. Circular Connectors
    23. Circular Multi-Pole Connectors
    24. Circular Multipin Connectors
    25. Components
    26. Conduit Systems
    27. Connectors
    28. Connectors & Circuit Protection
    29. Consumer Units
    30. Contactors
    31. Control Equipment
    32. Control Gear
    33. Control Switches
    34. Control Switchgear
    35. Cordsets
    36. Counters
    37. Couplers
    38. Direct On-Line Starters
    39. Disconnect Switches
    40. Distribution
    41. Distribution Boards
    42. Door Switches
    43. Double Pole Switches
    44. Drives
    45. Electric Control Gear
    46. Electrical Components
    47. Electrical Connectors
    48. Electrical Control Equipment
    49. Electrical Control Panels
    50. Electrical Control Systems
    51. Electrical Controls
    52. Electrical Controls And Panels
    53. Electrical Distribution Equipment
    54. Electrical Distributor
    55. Electrical Distributors
    56. Electrical Enclosures
    57. Electrical Fuses
    58. Electrical Products
    59. Electrical Relays
    60. Electrical Terminal Block Connectors
    61. Electrical Test Equipment
    62. Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
    63. Electromechanical Relays
    64. Electromechanical Switches
    65. Electromechanical Time Switches
    66. Electronic Component Specialist
    67. Electronic Component Supplier
    68. Electronic Component Suppliers
    69. Electronic Components
    70. Electronic Connectors
    71. Electronic Counters
    72. Electronic Detectors
    73. Electronic Fuses
    74. Electronic Relays
    75. Electronic Sensors
    76. Electronic Temperature Control Systems
    77. Electronic Time Switches
    78. Electronic Timers
    79. EMC
    80. EMC Components
    81. EMC Filters
    82. EMC Mains Filters
    83. EMC Power Filters
    84. Emergency Stop Relays
    85. Emergency Stop Switches
    86. Emergency Switches
    87. Enclosures
    88. Ethernet Connectors
    89. EX Approved Connectors
    90. Explosion Proof Connectors
    91. Explosion Proof Plugs
    92. Explosion Proof Sockets
    93. Fans
    94. Filter Connectors
    95. Filters
    96. Flex Circuits
    97. Float Switches
    98. Flow Control Equipment
    99. Flow Indicators
    100. Flow Sensors
    101. Flow Switches
    102. Foot Switches
    103. Fuse Bases
    104. Fuse Holders
    105. Fuse Links
    106. Fuse Switches
    107. Fuseholders
    108. Fuses
    109. General Relays
    110. General Switches
    111. Glass Fuses
    112. Grommets
    113. Harsh Environment Switches
    114. Hazardous Connectors
    115. Heat Sinks
    116. Hydraulic Magnetic Circuit Breakers
    117. IEC Connectors
    118. IEC Inlet Modules
    119. IEC Inlets
    120. IEC Mains Connectors
    121. IEC Power Inlet Modules
    122. IEC Power Inlets
    123. Illuminated Push Button Switches
    124. Illuminated Switches
    125. Impulse Relays
    126. Indicator Lamps
    127. Indicator Lights
    128. Indicators
    129. Inductive Proximity Sensors
    130. Industrial Connectors
    131. Industrial Fuses
    132. Industrial Lamps
    133. Industrial Plugs
    134. Industrial Relays
    135. Industrial Sockets
    136. Interlocked Connectors
    137. Interlocking Switches
    138. IP67 Approved Connectors
    139. IP68 Connectors
    140. Isolaters
    141. Isolators
    142. Joysticks
    143. Key Operated Switches
    144. Key Switches
    145. Keyboards
    146. Keypads
    147. Lamp Indicators
    148. Lampholders
    149. LED
    150. LED Components
    151. LED Illuminated Lighting
    152. Led Indicators
    153. Led Product Design
    154. Led Suppliers
    155. LEDs
    156. Level Control Equipment
    157. Lever Switches
    158. Lighting Towers
    159. Lights
    160. Limit Switches
    161. Liquid Level Sensors
    162. Load Break Switches
    163. Low Voltage Control Gear
    164. Low Voltage Fuses
    165. Low Voltage Switchgear
    166. LV Fuse Gear
    167. LV Fuse Links
    168. Machine Guarding
    169. Machine Guards
    170. Machine Safety
    171. Magnetic Circuit Breakers
    172. Mains Connectors
    173. Mains Filters
    174. Mains Relays
    175. Manual Motor Starters
    176. MCBs
    177. Metal Enclosures
    178. Meters
    179. Micro Switch
    180. Microswitches
    181. Minature Circuit Breakers
    182. Miniature Microswitches
    183. Miniature Relays
    184. Miniature Switches
    185. Modular Terminals
    186. Monitoring Relays
    187. Motion Sensors
    188. Motor Control
    189. Motor Control Gear
    190. Motor Starters
    191. Moulded Case Circuit Breakers
    192. Multi Function Timer Relays
    193. Multipin Connectors
    194. Multipole Connectors
    195. Neon Indicators
    196. Neon Lamps
    197. Neon Lights
    198. Neons
    199. Over Current Protection
    200. Overload Relays
    201. Panel Indicators
    202. Panel Mounted Timers
    203. Panel Mounting Connectors
    204. PCB Mounting Fuses
    205. PCB Relays
    206. Photoelectric Sensors
    207. Photoelectric Switches
    208. Plastic Enclosures
    209. Plug Connectors
    210. Plugs
    211. Polycarbonate Enclosures
    212. Power Connectors
    213. Power Controllers
    214. Power Distribution
    215. Power Inlet Modules
    216. Power Mains Connectors
    217. Power Relays
    218. Power Supplies
    219. Powerline Filters
    220. Pressure Sensors
    221. Pressure Switches
    222. Programmable Controllers
    223. Programmable Switches
    224. Programmable Timers
    225. Protection Relay
    226. Proximity Sensors
    227. Proximity Switches
    228. Pulse Transformers
    229. Push Button Switches
    230. Push Buttons
    231. Pushbuttons
    232. RCBOs
    233. RCBs
    234. RCDs
    235. Rectangular Connectors
    236. Reed Relays
    237. Reed Switches
    238. Relays
    239. Rewireable Plugs
    240. Rewireable Sockets
    241. RF Reed Relays
    242. RFI Filters
    243. RFI Power Filters
    244. RFI Suppression Chokes
    245. Rocker Switches
    246. Rotary Switches
    247. Safety Pull Switches
    248. Safety Relays
    249. Safety Switches
    250. Sealed Connectors
    251. Sensors
    252. Sheet Steel Enclosures
    253. Signal Lamp Holders
    254. Signal Towers
    255. Single Pole Push Button Switches
    256. Single Pole Switches
    257. Slide Switches
    258. Snap Action Switches
    259. Sockets
    260. Soft Starters
    261. Solenoids
    262. Solid State Contactors
    263. Solid State Relays
    264. Special Purpose Connectors
    265. Stainless Steel Enclosures
    266. Starter Motors
    267. Starters
    268. Steel Enclosures
    269. Sub Miniature Switches
    270. Subminiature Microswitches
    271. Suppression Chokes
    272. Surface Mount Connectors
    273. Surface Mounted Terminal Block Connectors
    274. Surface Mounted Time Switches
    275. Switch Fuses
    276. Switches
    277. Switches & Indicators
    278. Switches For Hazardous Environments
    279. Switches For Wet Environments
    280. Switchgear
    281. Switchgear Accessories
    282. Switchgear Control Systems
    283. Temperature Controllers
    284. Terminal Block Connectors
    285. Terminal Block Fuseholders
    286. Terminal Blocks
    287. Terminal Connector Blocks
    288. Terminal Strip Connectors
    289. Terminals
    290. Thermal Circuit Breakers
    291. Thermal Magnetic Circuit Breakers
    292. Thermal Management
    293. Thermal Protection
    294. Time Switches
    295. Timers
    296. Timing Relays
    297. Toggle Switches
    298. Two Pole Push Button Switches
    299. Ultraminiature Switches
    300. Underwater Cables
    301. Underwater Connector
    302. Underwater Connectors
    303. Vandal Resistant Indicator Lights
    304. Vandal Resistant Switches
    305. Wall Mounted Enclosures
    306. Waterproof Connectors
    307. Waterproof Switches
    308. Weatherproof Connectors
    309. Wholesalers

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