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  • A reputation for innovation and reliability
  • RFI - EMC filter solutions
  • Cost saving solutions to most EMC problems
  • A reputation for innovation and reliability
  • RFI - EMC filter solutions
  • Cost saving solutions to most EMC problems
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Suppression Devices Ltd

Cost Saving Solutions To Most EMC Problems

For 30 years Suppression Devices has been designing and manufacturing high quality components used for high end audio equipment.

We supply our customers with what they actually require as opposed to what is available!

Capacitor Quality

Our attention to quality control and our detail in the production of these components enables us to meet the ever demanding needs of today’s discerning customers in the Audio industry.

Over the years we have worked alongside some of the industry’s top audio organisations designing and manufacturing unique ranges of quality components all of which you will find when visiting our website.

These relationships help to develop new ideas and new components.

All materials sourced for the production of our components have been carefully selected for their acoustic properties without compromise.

We design and manufacture high voltage capacitors to customers own requirements including motor start, motor run, `x` and `y` suppression components, 500 VAC capacitors for three phase applications, `flat pack` and lead through capacitors.


Matchbox Filters

Originally designed as budget filters, matchbox filters have now been modified and vastly improved for use in various applications, mounting, terminals and cases.

We offer a comprehensive range of matchbox filters suitable for use in small instruments or machines including medical equipment.

General Purpose Filters

SD is able to supply general purpose filters which can be manufactured to suit your specific requirements and various combinations such as wire, spade, terminal blocks.

Printed circuit Filters

We can design printed circuit filters which once again can be made to the customers’ requirements.

These include current ratings of up to 20 amps, however they are better suited for high volume production.

Screened Room & Data Filters

Over the years we have been able to collaborate with some of the industry’s leading screened room designers and manufacturers which has led to a series of 100dB plus filters for use on screened rooms.

Ansar Capacitors

Whilst many companies claim to have audio grade components they are rarely more than standard products which have been rebranded to sell on to a different industry.

SD offers a range of Ansar high quality capacitor components to meet the requirements of the audio manufacturing sectors including:

...• CPA - standard audio grade
...• CPF - pressed version of the CPA audio capacitor range
...• CPR - radial design audio
...• PPA - professional grade audio
...• SPA - solid silver termination audio
...• SPX - special and custom

For further information about Suppression Devices Ltd please do not hesitate to visit our website.

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Campbell Barker
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