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  • Professional onsite mobile welding
  • Cutting and fabrication services
  • Welding of steel, stainless, cast iron & aluminium
  • Experienced Staff
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    As an Oxford based mobile welding company Sub Arc offers a range of professional welding, cutting and fabrication services to clients in the UK and beyond. Our work includes:

    - Site Work
    - Vehicles
    - Plant
    - Boats
    - Waste Transfer Sites
    - Magnetic Drilling
    - Cutting/Gouging
    - Multi-Process On Site Welding

    Plant Machinery Repairs Oxfordshire

    We offer customers in Oxfordshire a highly professional and cost effective plant machinery repair service which can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

    Mobile Welders Berkshire

    Where mobile welding is concerned Sub Arc are able to carry out damage repairs, urgent repairs and the welding of an almost limitless range of projects so why not get in touch with out mobile welders to find out more.

    Bespoke Steel Fabrication Midlands
    Throughout the whole of Berkshire and the rest of the UK Sub Arc offers its services. From initial consultation and design through to fabrication and installation we work quickly and to a very high standard.

    - Structural Beams
    - Columns
    - Gantrys
    - Pipework
    - Sheet Piling
    - Trailer Repairs
    - Skips
    - Plant Buckets
    - Plant Grabs

    Thermic Lancing Home Counties

    Whatever material, whether steel, stainless steel, cast iron or aluminium we are well versed in all aspects of thermal lancing.

    All welders are highly experienced and all are coded to EN ISO 9606-1 standards so you can rest assured all work will be carried out to the highest standard.

    Plasma Cutting London
    As a top class mobile welding company we regularly carry out work in London and the surrounding area including plasma cutting where we are able to provide the customer with a fast, efficient and accurate cutting service whatever the project and whatever the material involved.

    To find out more about the wide range of reliable mobile welding and repair services we provide please visit the Sub Arc website. Alternatively why not drop us a line.

    Opening Hours

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    Thursday 09:00 to 17:00
    Friday 09:00 to 17:00
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    Products and Services

    1. Agricultural Machinery Repair
    2. Alloy Welding
    3. Alumininum Welding
    4. Aluminium Extrusion Welding
    5. Aluminium Friction Welding
    6. Aluminium Mig Welding Wire
    7. Aluminium Sheet Metal Fabrications
    8. Aluminium Spot Welding
    9. Aluminium Tube Welding
    10. Aluminium Welding
    11. Aluminium Welding Mig Wire
    12. Aluminium Welding Services
    13. Aluminum Friction Welding
    14. Aluminum Welding
    15. Bespoke Metal Fabrication
    16. Bespoke Sheet Metal Fabrication
    17. Bespoke Steelwork
    18. Boat Repairs
    19. Brass Sheet Metal Fabrications
    20. Building Supplies
    21. Cast Iron Welding
    22. Cast Steel Welding
    23. Catering Trailer Repair
    24. Catering Trailer Repairs
    25. CNC Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication
    26. CNC Welding
    27. Coded Welding
    28. Commercial Friction Welding
    29. Commercial Welding
    30. Commercial Welding Services
    31. Contract Welding
    32. Copper Sheet Metal Fabrications
    33. Custom Metal Fabrication
    34. Custom Metal Fabrications
    35. Electrical Industry Sheet Metal Fabrications
    36. Fabrication Welding
    37. Ferrous Metal Fabrication
    38. Laser Welding
    39. Laser Welding Services
    40. Machinery Repair
    41. Marine Welding
    42. Metal Fabrication
    43. Metal Fabrication Services
    44. Metal Fabrications
    45. Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welding
    46. Metal Welding
    47. Metal Welding To Specification
    48. Mig Welding
    49. MIG Welding Services
    50. Mild Steel Sheet Metal Fabrications
    51. Mobile MIG Welding
    52. Mobile MIG Welding Services
    53. Mobile TIG Welding
    54. Mobile TIG Welding Services
    55. Mobile Welding
    56. Mobile Welding Services
    57. Mobile Welding Systems
    58. Non Ferrous Metal Fabrication
    59. On-Site Welding
    60. On-Site Welding Services
    61. Pipe Welding
    62. Pipework Welding
    63. Plant Machinery Repair
    64. Plant Machinery Repairs
    65. Plant Repair
    66. Plant Repairs
    67. Plant Welding
    68. Plasma Cutting
    69. Plasma Cutting Companies
    70. Plasma Cutting Service
    71. Plasma Cutting Services
    72. Plasma Cutting Specialists
    73. Plasma Welding
    74. Plastic Welding
    75. Plastic Welding Repair
    76. Plastic Welding Service
    77. Plastic Welding Services
    78. Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication
    79. Pressed Metal Fabrications
    80. Rebar
    81. Secondary Steelwork
    82. Sheet Metal Arc Welding
    83. Sheet Metal Fabrication
    84. Sheet Metal Fabrications
    85. Sheet Metal Mig Welding
    86. Sheet Metal Spot Welding
    87. Sheet Metal Tig Welding
    88. Sheet Metal Welding
    89. Sheet Piling
    90. Sheet Piling Contractors
    91. Sheetmetal Fabrication
    92. Site Welding
    93. Site Welding Services
    94. Specialist Welding
    95. Specialist Welding Services
    96. Spot Welding
    97. Spot Welding Services
    98. Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Fabrications
    99. Stainless Steel Spot Welding
    100. Stainless Steel Tube Welding
    101. Stainless Steel Welding
    102. Stainless Steel Welding Services
    103. Stainless Welding
    104. Steel Coded Welding
    105. Steel Sheet Metal Fabrications
    106. Steel Sheet Piling
    107. Steel Welding
    108. Steel Work
    109. Steelwork
    110. Structual Steelwork
    111. Structual Steelwork.
    112. Structural Beams
    113. Structural Steel Work
    114. Structural Steelwork
    115. Structural Welding
    116. Sub Contracting Steel Work
    117. Submerged Arc Welding
    118. Thermic Lancing
    119. TIG Welding
    120. TIG Welding Services
    121. Titanium Welding
    122. Trailer Repairs
    123. Tube Metal Fabrication
    124. Ultrasonic Metal Welding
    125. Ultrasonic Welding
    126. Underwater Welding
    127. Welding
    128. Welding & Fabrication
    129. Welding / Fabrication
    130. Welding Aluminium
    131. Welding And Fabricating
    132. Welding And Fabrication
    133. Welding Companies
    134. Welding Consultants
    135. Welding Contractor
    136. Welding Contractors
    137. Welding Fabrication
    138. Welding Fabrications
    139. Welding Fabrications Services
    140. Welding Fabricators
    141. Welding Inspection
    142. Welding Inspection Services
    143. Welding Mild Steel
    144. Welding Services
    145. Welding Sheet Metal
    146. Welding Stainless Steel
    147. Welding Steel