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    St Clare Engineering Ltd

    St Clare Engineering are manufacturers of Fork Truck Attachments which are designed for lifting, moving and tilting drums constructed from steel, plastic and fibreboard.

    We have been manufacturing these products under the trade name of `Grab-O-Matic` since 1958 and export more than 45% of our equipment all over the world. In fact St Clare Engineering is considered to be one of the world's leading suppliers of drum handling equipment.

    St Clare Engineering are also able to offer a bespoke service for fork lift attachment applications involving non-standard drum sizes and materials.

    Drum Handing Fork Attachments
    The Grab-O-Matic range of drum handling fork attachments includes:

    The Grab-O-Matic Single Drum Handler Model 1-DLR which is suitable for all steel open top and tight head drums, plastic `L` ring drums and most fibre board drums.

    The Grab-O-Matic 2-DLR Double Drum Handler which again is suitable for all steel open top and tight head drums, plastic `L` ring drums and most fibreboard drums.

    The Grab-O-Matic DH-1 Single Steel Drum Handler grabs drums around the waist between the centre rolling rims and is suitable for 205/210L steel drums only with pronounced rolling rims that must have a consistent diameter with no damage.

    The Grab-O-Matic Rotator model SC10 is for the lifting and rotating of steel or plastic drums to dispense of the contents in a controlled manner.

    Fork Lift Attachments
    The Grab-O-Matic SC4 Snow Plough/Grader has a 180cm wide steel blade with a fixed left sweep and durable heavy duty rubber wear strip. It is extremely fast and effective and can plough a snow area to allow your business to operate even in severe weather conditions.

    St Clare Engineering's attachment products extend to include a range of specialised attachments such as self-dumping hoppers, stacker trucks, sweepers, work platforms and a range of pedestrian equipment such as drum trolleys which are designed to enable manoeuvring products in limited and confined spaces. These products are normally downsized for more difficult situations and to enable the operator to either push around or use under power.

    Bespoke Products
    St Clare Engineering can also design and manufacture special products to the customers own specific requirements and normally in this case we only require a simple drawing, sketch or even a verbal description.

    Projects we have worked on include:

    �- Drum handler storage units
    �- Overhead cages designed to work with cranes
    �- Reel rotators for packing machinery
    �- Door scissor grabs
    �- Bag transfer solutions
    �- Rotation attachments

    Much more information on this service is available on request.

    All of the products manufactured at St Clare Engineering are produced entirely in the UK by Precision engineers and 100% inspected throughout. Because of the high quality materials and manufacturing processes used Grab-O-Matic units are virtually maintenance free and normally only require the occasional oiling. At St Clare Engineering we provide a full after sales service and offer a repair service which is carried out promptly and efficiently to minimise your downtime.

    To find out more about St Clare engineering or to request further information about our products please feel free to contact us.

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